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One of the event industries must-have items, the beauty of a gazebo is its versatility and the blank canvas it provides – free to be used, dressed and decorated in whichever way the owner sees fit. With gazebos for hire providing business to a number of suppliers up and down the country, purchasing your own gazebo may initially seem like an unnecessary purchase, but as we open your eyes to the benefits of owning your own gazebo, and the incredibly versatile list of ways you can use them, we have no doubt that within minutes you will be trailing through our outdoor and furniture retailers looking for a bargain.

Owning a gazebo vs. Renting a gazebo

While renting is undoubtably great for one-off events or occasions when you might need a gazebo that is bigger than average, there is a certain charm to owning your own gazebo which makes outdoor gatherings and parties that little bit more special. Whether it’s Summer or Winter, gazebo’s offer guests protection from the elements, often under a reliable canopy which can come in a variety of colours – although white is the clear favourite. In the Summer, gazebos can open right out and lose their walls, essentially providing a framed structure with a roof which guests can stand under for some shade, but still move out and about beyond the boundaries of the gazebo’s coverage. We know our members love decorating and styling blank canvas structures with their own unique style, and the beauty of owning your own gazebo is that you can do whatever you like in terms of decoration – without worrying about having to return it. So, when it comes to those fairy lights and hanging lanterns, get the stapler out and go wild! Another benefit to owning your own gazebo rather than renting, is that within a few uses, you will start to be making the most of your spend – without forking out more money every time you want to use a gazebo in the garden. As with anything, renting is an endless money pit, and as we know our members love a money-saving scheme, buying your own is simply an investment worth making!

Where to buy the best gazebos

Unlike many outdoor furniture items, there are a variety of specialist sellers who literally just sell gazebos – in all shapes, sizes and colours. Starting at one of these retailers is a good place to work out the style you are after as they are likely to have the widest range and collection, though we recommend doing a cost comparison with our other homeware and garden centre retailers before buying, to make sure the specialist company isn’t overcharging you. TOP TIP: When buying a gazebo, a couple of ways to save money include purchasing your gazebo in the winter months (demand increases hugely around Spring/Summer, and so the cost inevitably rises as well), or even shopping around and searching for second hand gazebos being sold by events companies and suppliers. If a particular gazebo style or size is not popular for a season, it is likely that the company renting it out will cut their losses and sell it – a real bargain for the lucky buyer who can get their hands on it!

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