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Garden Bars

The pinnacle of Summer DIY activities is the creation of your very own garden bar. From basic wooden table structures to elaborate designs which feature poseur tables, shelving and even an ice and garnish bar, garden bars are the height of sophistication – perfect for your next gathering or party, or simply to make a drink or two to enjoy on a Friday night.

Buying a garden bar

Arguably the most popular retailers offering garden bars are homeware stores, embodying everything we love about going on holiday and channelling it into a stay-at-home product to house our own spirits and beers. From the iconic wooden tiki bar design to clean cut chrome finishes and sweeping bar fronts which form u-shapes around the dedicated barman, buying a garden bar has never been easier – and as such, has never been more popular. The extent of decorative accessory and design will depend on the budget you put towards your garden bar. One consideration we advise our members look into is the necessity of a roof on your bar – and your storage options for it during the winter. TOP TIP: For those who lack the space or budget for a standing bar, consider a rolling bar which resembles more of a dining car. Dressed well, these “bars on wheels” can be a really practical and fun solution to your outdoor drinking habits, and are more easily stored than their larger counterparts. In addition to this, rolling bars can also be easily moved from the patio to the side of the pool and to the edge of your sun lounger in one quick motion – taking your drinks with you wherever you go.

Making your own garden bar

For those who love a project, making your own garden bar is a hugely beneficial undertaking which results in a fun and interesting design feature for your garden. Using anything from discarded metal sheets to old wooden pallets and planks of wood, our members often ask us how to turn a basic structure into a fun and unique bar for their family and friends. So without further ado, here are our top tips to creating the perfect garden bar:

  • Invest in some great plastic glasses from our range of party retailers and homeware stores. Ideal for use in the garden, reinforced plastic cups will be reusable time and time again and won’t cause any damage if they are dropped or left unattended.

  • Take a look at the summer party and event offerings provided by our range of decorative and independent retailers, in order to give your garden bar a vibrant array of drink accessories. Think cocktail umbrellas, twirly straws, and decorative skewers…

  • Match your garden bar to your BBQ and other outdoor accessories. Creating a sense of harmony between the different elements in your garden will not only impress your guests, but it will give you an aesthetically pleasing finish – and an excuse to spend more time outside. One of the easiest ways to do this is to dress and accessorise the different areas with a similar colour theme – for example using all neutral outdoor cushions and lanterns, or embracing a similar theme.

  • Make your bar easy to foldaway whenever it’s not in use. One really innovative way to ensure your bar is safe from damage, weather resistant and easy to style, is to mount it on the wall, with a door which opens outwards and becomes an open bar – the perfect surprise!

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