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Office Chairs & Seating

When it comes to dressing an office, it can be easy to focus simply on the chair behind the desk - with little regard for visitor chairs, reception seating options and additional requirements for a bust office space. Whether you like to keep everything in your office in order, or you end the week with piles of paperwork covering any spare surface or chair, having a few decent seating options in your office can not only create more of a welcoming atmosphere, but can also increase productivity by allowing you to move about.

Adding different office chairs for your own use

Aside from the traditional desk chair sat behind the desk, many of our members ask why a worker might need additional seating. After all, you can only use one at a time – so why invest in more than one, particularly if you work at home and don’t hold any meetings in your workspace? Our answer is this: by simply changing where you are sat, from the position to the view and even the type of chair, you can kickstart your motivation and productivity, and get a lot more done. Many of our retailers place some armchairs and comfortable seating options in with the office chair category for this very reason – encouraging workers to shift their position and head to a comfier armchair whenever they need to read through a piece of work or a contract. By making these simple changes you can keep moving and ensure high productivity – plus your workspace will look more inviting.

Adding office chairs for visitors

If you work in a corporate office space, it is likely that other colleagues and workers may come into your office to go through work or talk through ideas. In this case you will need some additional seating, and whether it be a hard back chair sat opposite your desk, or a more comfortable sofa in the corner of the room ideal for conversations, the seating you choose should optimise the space without getting in the way. We often hear from our members that the different office chairs they see can give them different thoughts and emotions around the office itself – with sofas creating a more relaxing environment while hard backed chairs can instil feelings of anxiety. With that in mind, consider if you have the space to include a variety of different seating options, so that the right chair can be called upon for any given situation. If you’re short on space and need a seating option which takes up as little space as possible but can be easily pulled out for a quick chat, consider either storing a fold up chair in your office, or investing in an office stool which can be easily slipped beneath a table or your desk when not in use.

Dressing the rest of the office

Quite apart from your working space, a corporate office may have the need for reception seating – designed to provide a welcoming entrance to the office and house any guests prior to their meeting time. Many of our retailers boast a variety of different reception seating options, for some dedicated office furniture retailers able to provide reception seating in your branding colours – creating a sense of unity between your furniture and the brand which you are embodying.

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