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When we talk about pillows, whether they be for a master bedroom, a child’s bedroom or a main living space in the home, we tend to separate the sector into two main categories – pillows designed for sleeping, which feature a range of different fillings and constructions based on your individual needs, and pillows designed to be decorative and to elevate the aesthetic appearance of a bed or lounger without necessarily being used to rest your head upon. The value of a functional pillow lies primarily in the support and comfort that it provides to you as you sleep or rest, with buyers tending to select their chosen pillow style based on its firmness rating and the filling material. Just like with a mattress or duvet, most retailers who offer pillows as part of their range boast a series of different thicknesses and finishes, often referring to the way the material filling is layered and how much filling there is in relation to the size of the pillow.

What makes a comfortable pillow?

A comfortable pillow is one which is large enough to allow you to lie comfortably and shift your position during the course of the night without slipping off of the pillow. One thing that is worth noting about pillows, particularly for those buyers who like to stack multiple items on top of each other to create a higher finish that props your head up and elevates the position of your upper back and neck, is that a very comfortable top pillow sat atop a flimsy or too soft under pillow can instantly reduce the benefits of the expensive and/or comfortable pillow. This is because specially designed pillows are made to be sat atop the firmer finish of the mattress – by putting them on top of a cheaply made pillow, they are quickly rendered useless. This is particularly true of memory foam pillows, which have gained a real cult following from those who value the way that a memory foam construction cushions and moulds itself around the head – creating a comfortable and well-cushioned finish. While on their own memory foam pillows plenty of support and comfort for the average user, when paired or stacked with a cheaper version the cushioning is diminished.

The value of decorative pillows

While functional and comfortable pillows are very rarely chosen for their aesthetic finish or appearance, decorative pillows are designed to add more of an attractive look to your bed – with many homeowners actually investing in pillow boxes to sit at the bottom of their bed and hold all their decorative pillows when not in use. A decorative pillow is often one which is shrouded or covered with a case that uses colour and texture to create vibrance on the bed – with some of the most popular styles including fluffy exteriors and 3D aspects to the design. In terms of shape, while a regular pillow tends to be rectangular in order to sit comfortably on the surface of the bed, decorative pillows can be in any shape you like – with square and rounded pillows both proving popular with modern homeowners who want to add a little something extra to their bed space. And finally we have the more innovative pillows – those designed for travel use which sit around and cushion the neck and head; and those created for camping and outdoor adventures which can be rolled up into a compact casing for ease of use and packing. All of these pillows, including the standard variations and the specialist purchases for different situations, can be found across bedding and homeware stores.

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