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Floor Lamps

Floor lamps have both form and function but to find the perfect one for you, you should think about what function you have in mind. Some floor lamps give a wide cast of light, some are more geared for task lighting. Some are a subtle way to boost your overall lighting scheme and others are a more focused option and knowing which you want will help you find something that will be an asset for years to come. Once you know what function you need your floor lamp to fulfil, you are ready to consider the form. Do you want it to blend, gently into the background or is your room one feature short of the personality you’re aiming at? A floor lamp might sound like a simple addition to a room, and with some choices that is absolutely true. They can be streamlined, understated background players that excel at a supporting role in neutral tones and matt textures. That is certainly not the full potential of a floor lamp though. The most common image we have of a floor lamp is an upright lamp with a central support pole, a wider base and a shade over the bulb. These lamps can fit in with different room styles according to the material of the central stand and base, the choice of bulb and the chosen shade. A wooden stand and base with a rattan shade give a tasteful natural look while an all chrome metal option looks far more suited to a space-age inspired interior. A simple alternative is an uplight floor lamp. The most streamlined versions are a simple base, support pole and then a large cone or dish-shaped shade reflecting light up towards your ceiling where it can diffuse across the rest of the room. Simple effective lamps like this are more than possible but simplicity is not the only way. Stylised support poles in carved wood or moulded metal are a fantastic choice and the range of cone and bowl-shaped shades is enormous, stained glass or hammered metal both add a whole new dimension to this type of floor lamp. Thinking of task lighting, you may want to turn your attention to floor lamps that are mounted on a curved arm rather than a straight central support. Arc lamps are a useful choice to put into a corner and have the light extend out over a games table or the arm of a settee for reading. Popular in the mid-century period, many arc floor lamps are available in metallic finishes as well as neutral or bold colours. Some floor lamps capture this practicality but in a room where you need to have multiple functions for every space, you need even more versatility in your lighting. Gooseneck lamps and anglepoise floor lamps are a great way to get a focused task light wherever you need one. They can shine on one specific area or across the room. A traditional anglepoise floor lamp rarely looks out of place in any room but a modern gooseneck lamp looks especially good with modern interiors. Tiffany stained glass lamps are a consistently popular option. The stained glass panelling of each shade, often handmade and unique is a signal that you enjoy the finer things. They reflect colour around your space and they are an ornamental highlight without being fussy or overdone. Choose colours that match your aesthetic or go for a busy look in a bohemian bedroom or living room. Floor lamps are a way to keep surfaces clear, light comfortably layered and all your lighting needs attended to. They are an easy-going piece that can take centre stage when needed but are just as happy to be part of the background.

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