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Garden Shades

The beauty of any outdoor space is the way that its appearance and overall vibe changes throughout the day and evening, as the sun moves, and you go from direct sunlight to the warm glow of a shaded evening. One of the top questions we get asked by homeowners is how to bring more shade into their garden without destroying the aesthetic or completely obliterating the viewpoint from the garden up to the sky, with many of our recommendations sitting within the garden shades market. Garden shades range from small table standing umbrellas to large canopy’s stretched out from the side of the house over an area of your garden, to create a shaded patch which is ideal for lounge sofas or reading chairs. We tend to find that the majority of these structures are adjustable and can be folded away of stretched out to their full extent, giving the user the ability to adjust the way the sun can shine onto a specific area of the garden. Other designs are created to be moved around at will, while some are fixed in one place.

How does a garden shade work?

A garden shade works by extending a stretch or material or fabric over a patch of the garden or outdoor space, putting a barrier between the space and the sun so as to create a shaded patch which remains a little cooler. These are particularly popular in the height of the summer or for those with young children. With so many varieties of garden shade available in all different shapes and sizes, something we are often asked is the best material for a garden shade, with some choosing more sturdy structures such as wooden shelters or shades, while others opt for a neutrally coloured canvas which still lets a lot of the light through while blocking the direct sun’s glare.

What are the top designs of garden shades?

The way a specific shade operates tends to be dictated by its design and construction, whether it be mounted to a wall and pulled out as necessary, or permanently fixed above a space which can be used as a shaded spot throughout the day. The latter tends to be the main choice for those with large gardens who can afford to have a permanently shaded spot in their garden, whereas the former concept of an adjustable shade seems to be most popular for those with smaller gardens who want to be able to select the degree of sun which shines down onto their space. In terms of the aesthetic value of garden shades, this is where design comes in – both with regards to the way the shade is fitted, and its material. One of the most innovative and eye catching designs we have seen recently is made to represent a sail, crafted from canvas material which extends over a space in the shape of a boating sale rather than a plain strip of material. This, accessorised further with wooden furniture and a few ropes designed to hold the shade taut creates a whimsical and welcoming space perfect for families and gatherings. Another great design is one which replicates an old fashioned store front, using striped canvas material which can be rolled out to a variety of distances to create shaded areas close to the house or a solid wall or shed. Provided you have a wall surface to mount the shade on, you are good to go! For these ideas and many more, head to outdoor retailers and homeware stores, as well as department stores and garden centres.

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