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Bolster Cushions

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Bolster Cushions

While for many homeowners the selection of the perfect duvet cover and bedspread is enough to finalise and pull together the decorative aesthetic of their bedroom space, for others, bedding is just the start. Cushions are a popular accessory which can be used across all areas of the house, allowing users to inject extra colour and vibrance in a way that can be as minimalistic or as over the top as they like. When it comes to furnishing a bed in particular, bolster cushions add that little something extra to the bed, utilising the structure of a long cushioned pillow which is sturdy in its cylindrical shape and which injects a level of comfort and elegance which cannot always be achieved with regular square and rectangular cushions.

Ways to use a bolster cushion

As the word ‘bolster’ would have you believe, bolster cushions are quite literally designed to bulk out and add extra volume to the top of your bed, generally sitting atop the duvet cover underneath the pillows to add extra height and layers to the end which is deemed as the most comfortable and inviting. By using the rounder shape rather than leaning on the standard rectangle of most other pillows, bolster cushions add a unique style which creates a different textural finish, and which add a contrast to the otherwise angular shape of the bed. As well as providing that extra illusion of comfort and grandeur to the top of your bed, bolster cushions can also be a really nice layer of comfort for users to snuggle against on the sofa or in bed, with the pillowing of the rounded tube shape providing the perfect support around which you can rest your legs or lean your back for optimum comfort.

What to look for in your bolster cushion

We tend to find that most bolster cushions are hand tailored and made for specific users, primarily because the overall appearance of the cushion largely depends on the size of the bed that it is to be used on, and the material and colouring of the bedspread and duvet. One of our top recommendations regarding bolster cushions is to select one which fills more than half of the width of your bed but does not extend all the way to the outer edges; creating a kind of balance which draws your eye to the centre of the bed rather than to its outer edges. Too small, and the bolster cushion will get lost in the sea of the bed. Too large and it can overpower the bed and look out of place. Once you’ve got the length and shape right, the fabric and coloured finish is the next step – with most homeowners falling into one of two camps: those who match their bolster cushion to their pillows for a harmonious and complimentary bolstering of the overall aesthetic of the bed, and those who use their bolster cushion to add a sharp contrast to the rest of the room. This contrast doesn’t have to come from a completely different colour; rather you could inject the juxtaposition through the use of a different fabric, a different pattern or style, or simply a different shade of the same colour. Whatever it is, if you do decide to create a contrast with your bolster cushion it is important to ensure that the contrast you create doesn’t clash with another colour of fabric – and if it does, that you balance it back out with a series of complimentary elements. The best bolster cushions, both tailormade items and those purchased off the shelf, can be found across soft furnishing and homeware style stores.

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