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Choosing a Globe as an ornament for your home is a tasteful way to show that you value knowledge and have a sophisticated world view as well as wanting a beautiful object for your home. The ability to plan your next holiday by spinning the globe and looking at the place where your finger stops is an incredible one. In moments where you hear of a place on the news or a programme, you can turn to your globe and check, with far more confidence and context than just doing a web search. Globes come in a range of sizes, from tennis ball-sized miniature options for your desk or a window sill in your bedroom all the way up to a substantial globe that acts as the focal point for your living room or den. Most globes spin on their axis but you can also choose a globe that can spin vertically as well as horizontally. Tilt and spin globes are particularly exciting for those who are curious about the way the world is mapped out from every possible angle, whether they are young or old. Another ideal option for younger globe enthusiasts is inflatable globes. These cool globes are colourful, easy to interact with and they nurture children’s desire to learn. If they are keen to learn about the countries of the world then they might like a political map globe but otherwise, you could go for a topographical inflatable option. Children’s globes are another way to draw your little ones into the love of these gorgeous objects as well as expand their knowledge. Children's globes may be smaller, a little more forgiving of a few knocks or a simplified map image so that children can pick out the differences more easily. Some even show the globe with pictures of wildlife or landmarks. If you love the way globes look but just don’t have space then miniature desk globes are a great option. Some are as small as paperweights but they bring more gravitas with them than you would expect. They look great spinning on a desk and can upgrade a home office, to a chic study. At the other end of the scale, for real aficionados of interior design and lovers of geography are large floor globes. Some options are encased in traditional wooden frames, often inlaid or carved with attractive patterns to add an antique look. They are beautiful pieces of craftsmanship and naturally draw people to them. Although they are not toys, they are highly tactile. They draw people to them, to run their fingers along the wood and cast the globe gently spinning. Some large floor globes can even combine some of your creature comforts with your decor. Globe bars are a lovely way to keep your special bottles and best glasses out of the way but easily accessible for a special occasion and they will definitely impress your guests. Globe bars can even come in a desktop size, so you can fit this special stash into a space with a pre-existing desk as well. Floor globes are not all traditional or antique style though, they can come on minimalist modern stands that look more like a sculpture than a frame. If you want a globe that stands a little taller, you can always go for a style with a taller pedestal-style stand. They come in traditional, low key sepia colouring all the way to bright illuminated modern globes so you can suit any room. Globes are beautiful, put one in your home and they can give you the joy of a beautiful object and the stimulation of the world at your fingertips.

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