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Bird Feeders

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Bird Feeders

Feeding the birds has long been a tradition that delights everyone – from children up to our very oldest friends and relatives. Providing the comfort of their company, the brilliance of their feathers and the entertainment of their actions, attracting birds into our gardens allows us to revel in the beauty of the nature which surrounds us. And unless you want to stand outside all day with a handful of bird seed, investing in a bird feeder is by the far the best way to enjoy a steady stream of different birds in your garden on a regular basis.

What to consider when buying a bird feeder

The majority of bird feeders are designed to be hung from above – making them the ideal addition to hang from trees. If you don’t have any trees or branches strong enough to hold a feeder, consider investing in a metal hook which stands tall and provides a structure strong enough to hold the feeder. TOP TIP: While you want to hang your feeder high enough for the birds to see it, it also needs to be easily accessible for you so that you can refill it on a regular basis. Once you’ve sorted out where you’re going to hang your feeder, you need to give some thought to the design and style of the feeder itself – and how easy it is to fill up. If you don’t want to be outside every day all year round filling up your feeder, invest in a bigger feeder which will last a little longer. Remember that your feeder will live outside all year so needs to be strong enough to withstand various weather conditions – and finally, give some thought to the surfaces that birds have to perch on across different feeder designs, and how they reach the food itself. While sharp edges and straight lines may look stylish, they are not as accessible for birds to perch on, and it is important to make sure that the mesh containing the food is large enough to allow birds to access the food, but small enough to keep squirrels and other pests from stealing all the food.

The benefits of investing in a bird feeder

It may seem like just another job – buying, installing, refilling, and regularly cleaning a bird feeder – but the benefits and joy you will get once the regular visitors arrive in your garden far outweigh any challenges. Our favourite benefits include:

  • A cute accessory to hang in your garden which can be as stylish or as playful as you like in design.

  • An introduction to the variety of birds in your area, and a chance to enjoy them from the comfort of your own home.

  • The knowledge that you are supporting the nourishment of birds throughout the winter months as well as summer, particularly in areas where they may be struggling to find food when the weather turns cold.

  • By bringing birds into your garden, you will also see an increase in the levels of insect control, weed control and flower pollination across your outdoor space.

Where can I find the most playful bird feeders for my garden?

No matter what style of garden you are looking to achieve, the bird feeder you select is a great opportunity to inject a little fun into your space – with some of our favourite designs crafted by independent retailers and boasting designs which replicate everything from a mimic of your own house, to flower designs, novelty structures and the inclusion of whimsical characters. For more affordable or standard designs, head to garden centres, outdoor stores and homeware retailers who offer an outdoor and garden range (likely to be available seasonally).

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