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Bedroom Furniture

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Bedroom Furniture

The world is divided into a series of groups – each with their own preferences around bedroom furniture, organisation, and storage. While some prefer to keep a minimalist space with no clutter and innovative solutions for hiding everyday items, others like to maintain a space where everything is on show in a charming celebration of everyday life. The way that you choose to furnish and dress your bedroom speaks volumes about your approach to life – and as such the market is packed full of options and variations on everything from beds to side cabinets, wardrobes and clothes rails, chest of drawers and complete open plan suites.

For those who like a minimalist space

Minimalist spaces are often characterised by neutral colours and sweeping empty spaces, employing the most innovative solutions to organise and store clothes and other possessions. We know our members love bedroom sets which provide everything you need in complimentary designs and styles, and so we often suggest that a modern minimalist home invests in a full set which will allow for that harmonious style to be replicated across the whole room. For those investing in a full revamp, tailored and made-to-measure bedroom furniture can provide the best possible use of space by turning every nook and cranny into a storage solution or design feature – while those on more of a budget should consider purchasing clean sleek pieces which blend well into their surroundings and create natural lines at optimum levels for everyday use. For the best in modern bedroom furniture, consider heading to furniture showrooms which allow you to browse the best selection of items and select which pieces will best suit your room. High street retailers are particularly good, with the larger the store the wider the selection of colours and designs available.

For those who think outside the box

For those members who are looking for something a little different, the way that bedroom furniture uses levels is one really great way to create a bedroom that is a little different. Low-set beds for example embrace the notoriously zen atmosphere found in countries like Japan, and result in an aesthetic which draws the eye down and further into the room. Likewise, higher-set beds can create an entirely different and yet equally unique experience, with extra storage immediately made available by the space vacated under the bed. These midi style of beds are particularly popular in barn conversion style homes and smaller spaces which create more of a suite than a mere bedroom – great for a guest suite. These kind of bedroom furniture items are best found across specialist homeware and furniture retailers who can discuss with you the space you are looking to fill and recommend the optimum items which will work in your home.

For those who like an eclectic mix of furniture

Eclectic bedroom furniture typically means a fusion of different styles, colours and even eras – often mixing traditional and authentic wooden items with different textures and levels, to provide a comfortable and cosy space for relaxation. Children’s bedrooms are often likely to be an eclectic mix of different furniture – making them fun and engaging, as well as more affordable. The best thing about an eclectic bedroom is that you are free to source and purchase your different furniture pieces as you go, browsing the very best ranges from a wide variety of retailers and selecting your favourite pieces. To get started, we suggest heading to high street homeware stores for the base items and then expanding your search as you go.

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