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Bathroom Mirrors

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Bathroom Mirrors

No matter which room in the house you are looking to dress, a well-placed mirror is often able to achieve not just a practical use but also a decorative one – pulling together a design theme, and even managing to make a small room look bigger and brighter. Of course, when it comes to choosing and placing a bathroom mirror, the conditions and considerations are important; demanding everything from the right light to the ideal height and placement in relation to the sink.

Top uses of a bathroom mirror

We often find that our members question the need for a bathroom mirror – not necessarily realising straight away how often they actually use the mirrors in their bathroom. From cleaning your teeth and operating a toothpick, to applying a face mask, plucking a few stray hairs and even shaving, we tend to use our bathroom mirror almost as regularly as we use one in our living space or bedroom – though the effectiveness of the bathroom mirror does depend on a number of conditions.

Top considerations when buying a bathroom mirror

Firstly, the best bathroom mirrors are wall-mounted – and this means understanding and measuring the available space before you purchase. Ideally you want your bathroom mirror to sit flat against a wall, so you need to find a mirror which is large enough to provide a full reflection, but which sits comfortably in its allotted space. The second thing to consider is its placement in relation to light – both natural and artificial. We know that many of our members – and other buyers – use their bathroom mirror for a clear and uninterrupted view of their face; convenient when plucking, shaving and applying make up and facial creams. As such, a good amount of light is key when using the mirror, so before you place your chosen mirror be sure that the area is subject to enough light to make for a clear reflection. One question we often get asked by our members, and something we know is a common problem, is how to keep bathroom mirrors from fogging or steaming up during a hot shower or bath. The internet is full of solutions, but one of the easiest ways is to make your own mirror cleaner using a combination of vinegar and water; wiping the solution over the mirror to leave it fog free for a few days. TOP TIP: If you’re getting ready in a hurry and need to quickly de-fog a steamed up mirror, direct your hairdryer at the surface and watched the warm air quickly blast away any steam.

Top design features available across our retailers’ range of bathroom mirrors

With so many different bathroom mirrors now available across a variety of retailers, including homeware, small business owners, and DIY stores, the design options and choices are endless. From basic square and rectangular wall mirrors to those created in a more aesthetically pleasing circle shape, the style you opt for is generally dependent on the finish and design you are looking for. Craftsmen and independent retailers tend to be some of the most creative and can even tailor the finish of the mirror according to your space or design requirements, while high street retailers are the best option for affordable and standard sizes and shapes. One of the best modern bathroom mirror solutions we’ve seen, growing increasingly popular across retailers of all sizes, is bathroom mirrors with built-in shelves and lights – creating a practical focal point for any bathroom, and maximising the use of space.

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