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Having a home library is something most of us can only dream of, but through the selection and placement of a well designed bookcase, you can provide access to your favourite books and story titles – without overrunning an entire room to do it. Bookcases are something we typically assign to our bedrooms for most of our lives, with children’s rooms adorned with bookcases and shelves to encourage reading and creativity in moments of learning and of peace. In recent years however, and through the popularity of an increasing number of homeware retailers and brands, bookcases have become somewhat of a stylish home accessory which can provide so much more than juts a few shelves stacked atop each other.

The top uses of a bookcase

For book lovers, there may be little space for anything other than books. From arranging the titles alphabetically to sorting through books be genre and even time period, the first and foremost use of your bookcase will always be to hold books. But that doesn’t mean that is all they can do. Though many of our members will be disappointed to hear that most retail bookcases do not come with secret doorways and hidden passages, what they do provide is an opportunity to showcase photos, ornaments and flowers across a series of levels, as well as photo albums, diaries and even cards and letters. One of the best ways to do this is to assign a single shelf of your bookcase to admin and other items, creating a safe place for you and your family to store important artefacts and pieces of writing away from prying eyes. For those members and shoppers with an excess of book collections that they may wish to store and showcase across multiple bookcases, consider looking at those items which come together to form a set – either in complimentary but varied designs, or else an identical set which can be lined up together to create somewhat of a wall of books.

The top bookcase designs

The world has evolved away from simple wooden shelves; embracing the idea of block cases which stack together as cubed shelves; bookcases which resemble ladders; industrial metal structures which provide little more than a base support, and even floating shelves which can be attached to a wall in different whimsical shapes – perfect for a child’s bedroom. You see, for many of our members with families, we often find that the most artistic and creative the display of books, the more appealing they are to children – drawing them in and encouraging them to pick a story to read for themselves.

Where to find my perfect bookcase

When it comes to finding the perfect bookcase for your home, the first consideration has to be where it will live, and the space available for it. Whether selected for a home office, a child’s bedroom, or a hall space landing, the bookcase should be chosen to suit the room it is in. An old fashioned home office with dark furniture may prefer a dark wood bookcase, while a make believe children’s bedroom is far more suited to a light coloured bookcase. Whatever design you are looking for, our selection of homeware retailers provides a good place to start your search; narrowing it down by room and by size. If you are unable to find your perfect bookcase, the other option is to opt for the DIY route – and make your own.

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