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LED Outdoor Lighting

When you ask any homeowner or garden stylist why they light an outdoor space, they tend to come back with one of two answers – the lighting is either functional and practical, or else it is designed to exude a certain atmosphere and add visual interest where previous there was none, especially at night. And then there are those – probably the majority of us – who choose outdoor lighting for both reasons, calling on LED lighting solutions to provide security lights, patio lighting and strings of fairy light bulbs.

The different kinds of outdoor LED lighting

Far from being an exclusive style of lighting, LED lights in fact refer to those bulbs which are electrically charged, and which provide a consistent level of light which is both sustainable and fairly cheap to run. When it comes to outdoor lighting in particular, this is beneficial in that it ensures the light supplied is strong and sits at a consistent level.

The aesthetic value of your outdoor LED lighting comes more from the bulb mount and surrounding construction than from the light source itself, with retailers now offering everything from strings of caged bulbs through to standalone security lighting panels, individual LED flush mounted lights and individual wall mounted bulbs.

One of the best things about outdoor lighting is that it can be encompassed as part of your overall decorative theming, or can equally be incorporated into the overall appearance so that the lights appear concealed until they are switched on. We often find that both fairy lights and flush lights are ideal for those who want to hide the lights until they are switched on, while individual wall mounted lights are perfect for those who are looking to add to the appearance of their outdoor space both during the evenings and throughout the day times. If you’re looking for a super stylish way to add texture to your outside space at night, and use outdoor lights in an interesting and innovative way, consider wrapping your garden trees in LED fairy lights, or draping strings of LED naked bulbs along the side of the house facing your garden.

Things to consider with outdoor LED lighting

The primary thing to consider is where your chosen lighting will inject enough brightness into the space that you can optimise your visibility without overpowering the magic of a dark night highlighted with a few sources of light. The fact is, creating the balance between too-light and too-dark can be challenging, and one of the best ways to do this is through the steady addition of different light sources until you finally reach the level which is best for you.

We often find that homeowners like to concentrate their LED outdoor lighting around the house without much focus on the rest of the garden, though the aesthetic appearance and atmosphere created can actually be greatly enhanced through the spacing out of different light sources across the garden.

And the final consideration is around LED security lights, and making sure that you position them in areas which will be of benefit to you – for example dark corners around the outside of your house, and your driveway, particularly if you aren’t close to any street lights. LED outdoor lighting is there for convenience and safety as much as for its beauty and aesthetic value, so make sure you take the time to consider both areas when selecting and installing your outdoor lights from DIY stores and lighting specialists.

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