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Wall Lights

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Wall Lights

Wall lights are a way to use your wall space to give a combination of decor and practicality to your home. They are usually a more gentle option than a ceiling light although you can vary the level of light to your needs as well as the positioning and direction. Wall lights can be a feature akin to wall art, contrasting sconces and bulbs make a pleasant statement. As do coloured bulbs, geometric shapes and the right choice of light level. You can choose to make a defining statement with a modern shape, unusual texture or colour or simply contribute to the ambience at large.

Wall lights are a very versatile way to bring more light into your room without sacrificing floor space or cluttering up your end tables. You should make sure to stand near the intended wall and assess where to put in your wall lights so that they mesh well with your eye level, your families eye level and the height of your furniture. A wall light over a sofa is a perfect way to give some soft lighting over your seating area but you will want to make sure that your lights are at least a foot over the top edge of your sofa.

If you are installing wall lights below eye level, for example, if you want to flank your bed with an attractive pair of art deco shell inspired downlights, then you will need to mark the width of the bed carefully to make sure that the sconces shed light onto the bed without being too directly over it.

A faceted glass globe wall light on a simple metal arm is a way to marry traditional cut glass and the streamlined modern use of gleaming metal in your room. An arm arching upwards might be perfect for a bedside light whereas an arm bending downwards might be more appropriate beside a reading chair or sofa. You could also use closer fitted cut glass orbs to light the way along a corridor or cast light from above a vanity area in your bedroom or bathroom.

If your decor is modern then choose a modern style, an exposed oversized bulb or a smoked glass geometric option gives a little bit of edge to a space full of clean lines and neutral tones. If your room is traditional then you could take this opportunity to go all out with a brocade shade on a spotlight or a moulded glass snowdrop shape.

Wall lights are an opportunity to have symmetry on your side in the design of your room. Pairing lights above a mantelpiece, around a bed or even flanking a particularly special piece of wall art. Mirrors are another great option because they reflect the light from your paired wall lights.

Wall lights can be a design feature but their capacity to blend in whilst still offering practical benefits is a major advantage. You can have sconces which blend with the colour of your walls and unobtrusive bulbs which only become obvious when you flick a switch at dusk and create a gentle glow. They take up no space on your surfaces and look ideal with a minimalist room.

To stay up to the minute you could consider trend-forward opal toned lights and brass or copper finishes on your wall lights but make sure to choose something that reflects you and your needs.

You could even consider outdoor wall lights in a summer house or an open conservatory to meet your lighting needs all year round.

Wall lights are a chameleon feature. They become whatever you need them to be, just peruse and find one that’s perfect.

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