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Magazine Racks

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Magazine Racks

In the modern home where minimalism is everything, keeping everything in order and organised is one of the primary functions of any item of furniture or home accessory. And magazine racks are no different. Designed to be mounted on the wall or stood on the floor, some of the best magazine racks on the market right now are innovative and create a feature of their own, while also offering the user with an ideal place to store not just magazines but also books and other paper work. Of course, magazine racks are no new invention – with a wide range of traditional styles still available today, in a nod to the racks which were immensely popular in the early days of magazines and other published papers. These more traditional designs tend to be quite ornate in style, often with the rack sitting underneath and topped with a table of sorts – still a very practical style of side table even today, and particularly popular with vintage homeowners and older buyers.

Exploring the modern magazine racks

Magazine racks today tend to be far more functional in their design, with far few ornate details and much more of a focus on providing a very practical looking item which stands out for its minimalist design and ease of use. Wall mounted magazine racks are particularly popular today as they are versatile in their placement and finish, with many homeowners choosing to position their wall racks at the ideal height for eye level use, often as a statement on the wall of a key living space. Likewise, floor magazine racks are also now much simpler in their design, with some of our favourites on the market simply providing a slot in what is otherwise a natural piece of wood which could purely be there for aesthetic purposes. Home offices are another area where magazine racks come in handy, though often these are repurposed for work documents and other work related literature. Some of the best office styles include metal designs and basic wood structures – with some retailers even allowing the user to slot a label into the front of each level to identify the contents. These innovative ideas are what elevate the modern magazine racks and help retailers provide products fit for different purposes – and can be found across both homeware stores and office furniture retailers.

Using your magazine rack as a design accessory

No matter how plain and simple the design of your chosen magazine rack, there is nothing that says you can’t accessorise and dress it up to match your chosen style. For a really vintage look, consider clipping your favourite articles from vintage magazines and pasting them to the rack in a mosaic kind of style. This will create a real talking point in your living space which immediately identifies the use of the rack in a fun and personal way. Another way to decorate your magazine rack is to print the letters MAGAZINE on the front, or simply paint it to blend into or stand out from the design of your room.

Purchasing a magazine rack

Once you have determined if you want a floor rack or a wall mounted magazine rack, you will need to assess your chosen material finish and design look, and work out the best retailers to head to. Homeware retailers tend to offer a wide range of home accessories – and with magazine racks tending to fall under the accessory range rather then furniture, you would be best starting in stores which support the design of your home rather than its practical use.

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