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Magazine Racks

In the modern home where minimalism is everything, keeping everything in order and organised is one of the primary functions of any item of furniture or home accessory. And our selection of living room magazine racks are no different. Designed to be mounted on the wall or stood on the floor, some of the best magazine racks on the market right now are innovative and create a feature of their own, while also offering the user an ideal place to store not just magazines but also books and other paperwork.

Of course, magazine racks are no new invention – with a wide range of traditional styles still available today, in a nod to the racks which were immensely popular in the early days of magazines and other published papers. These more traditional designs tend to be quite ornate in style, often with the rack sitting underneath and topped with a table of sorts – still a very practical style of side table even today, and particularly popular with vintage homeowners and older buyers.

Why We Love Magazine Racks

  • A nod to habits of the past, magazine racks offer a storage solution for magazines and newspapers as well as books and other living space accessories – ensuring a clean aesthetic with minimal disruption to coffee table surfaces and other units.

  • Magazine racks are versatile and double up as decorative accessories, particularly the more innovative and creative modern designs.

  • Many of the magazine racks for sale are just as well suited to home offices and beside your bed as they are for living rooms and other open-plan areas. You could even position your magazine rack on a kitchen work surface and use it to store recipes and cookbooks.

  • Living room magazine racks are easy to accessorise and personalise as you see fit, adding your own decorative spin to hardwood structures, modern and neutral shapes, and fabric pieces.

Magazine Rack FAQs

What are the different types of magazine rack?

From wall-mounted magazine racks to simple slots on the side of coffee tables and side units, freestanding racks, and magazine racks with fitted table tops, there’s a style and finish for every home. Make sure to select an item which suits the environment or interior setting, and which can be placed in your home without getting in the way.

How many magazines can I fit in a magazine rack?

This will depend on the size and style of your chosen rack. We tend to find that a handful of magazines or newspapers fit into each rack without it appearing stuffed to bursting – with the risk of too many magazines causing the rack to look overcrowded and messy.

Will a magazine rack allow me to display a magazine collection?

Generally, a magazine rack is the preferred furnishing for those who want to optimise accessibility to their magazines and papers, but without having these items on show. Magazine racks lend themselves to the clean aesthetic of modern living and can be stored on walls or behind sofas to offer storage which is concealed or subtle. However, there are some styles and designs which allow you to showcase the front magazine to an extent, with wall-mounted and front-facing options the best go-to for those who want to celebrate their magazine collection.

Once you have determined if you want a floor rack or a wall-mounted magazine rack, you will likely find that your preferred material directs you towards the ideal retailer – be it modern, vintage, industrial, or somewhere in between. Homeware retailers tend to offer a wide range of home accessories – and with magazine racks tending to fall under the accessory range rather than furniture, you would be best starting in stores that support the design of your home rather than its practical use.

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