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By the time your baby is able to sit up without help and can support their own head and neck, you will be ready to purchase and start using a highchair to make mealtimes easier and to provide your baby with a safe place to sit while you go about other household tasks – never leave them unattended! From chairs which clip on to the side of tables, to freestanding items which can be folded up and moved out of the way after mealtimes, the highchair you choose needs to fit in with your lifestyle, your baby’s needs and of course the amount of space you have available.

When should I consider buying a highchair?

Typically, buyers look at purchasing a highchair early on in the life of their child, though this is subject to the individual child with no “one size fits all” solution to when they will be ready. The chair is then purchased in the hopes that it will last until the child is able to sit on a proper chair at the table.

What are the top considerations when buying a highchair?

First and foremost, is it a suitable height, shape and style for your home and your baby? Younger babies transitioning earlier into a highchair may require one with additional neck support or a reclining back – and all children will need a highchair with adequate safety straps to keep them contained in the chair. Beyond that, every element to the chair should be considered for its safety and its ease of use, including the tray which should be easily removable for cleaning, the folding components which should be easy enough to operate but not so easy that your child can move it themselves and get their fingers caught, and the comfort of the chair itself in terms of padding and positioning.

Is it possible to find a highchair which won’t become an eyesore in the home?

Even when you do have young children around, we know that many of our members like to maintain a comfortable and stylish home which looks as tidy as possible. To achieve this, firstly we must consider the material that the highchair is made of. Contrary to the standout plastic contraptions available in most restaurants and public spaces – making them super easy to wipe down and clean after use – when purchasing for your own home, consider more of a natural finish, for example a wooden frame and neutral colours which compliment your home. Though a wooden framed highchair looks great, we do suggest making sure that the tray is a wipe-clean material or has a surface which is easily washable – available at retailers through popular UK department stores who specialise in aesthetically pleasing furniture for all occasions. Multi-functional highchairs now available in specialist nursery retailers can adapt their structure to become a lower-level chair and table – ideal for when your child becomes a little older and is able to sit down without restraint. Though these models may be more expensive due to their multi-purpose design and the brand labels behind them, they last the test of time and will prove useful as your child grows older. The internet is full of buying guides for highchairs, with some articles and posts creating more of a panic than a sense of reassurance thanks to their endless lists of things to look for and things to avoid. For those members buying a highchair for the first time, the key things to remember are safety, comfort and practicality – both for you and the baby. As long as they are safe and you are comfortable with sitting them in the chair, then it’s a good buy.

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