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Children's Tables & Sets

As many parents and members will know, finding the perfect place for your children to do their homework, get creative or engage in some colouring in, can be very challenging when none of your surfaces are designed to cater to their height or level. Children’s tables fill an ever-increasing gap in the market, as more and more homeowners and parents realise that not only do their children need a surface, but they also need somewhere to store their things, somewhere to spread out, and somewhere that be easily wiped clean after colouring or painting – that is, you don’t want to let them loose on your coffee table and end up left with stains all over the natural wood surface. As such, the children’s table and table sets market is a super popular one, full of different ideas and innovative solutions which not only give children a solid surface to work on, but also cater to some of their other needs as well.

The advantages to some of the markets’ children’s tables and sets

Some of the best products we’ve seen on the market are not just plain children’s tables, but go beyond that to become infinitely more engaging, more exciting, and more useful for both adults and children. For example the creation of a desk with a lidded surface and hollow inside is one which old movies have shown in schools for years, and yet when placed in the home these become a fantastic way to store all your child’s colouring bits and creative tools safely and easily. Available in plastic and lightweight materials, these tables have moved away from wooden exteriors to make them more child-friendly and easier for children to lift without as many hazards. Another great example of a children’s table set is one which has a built in map on the top – or really any other kind of complete visual which acts as a learning tool – meaning that every time your child sits at the table they are learning and taking in a little more information to support their out-of-school learning. Tables with drawers are another great idea, and for members whose children are particularly interested in art, high street creative and DIY retailers are now marketing a style of artistic table with an adjustable canvas holder surface – which can be angled in line with the child’s requirements.

The materials and their aesthetics

The important thing with any children’s table set is to ensure that the material and design of the pieces are completely safe for children and will not cause damage to them or to your home. We often find that hard plastic is the easiest material which can withstand the test of time, with synthetic wood materials providing a good second option – particularly for those who wish to decorate or paint the structure themselves. And then we come to aesthetics – and making sure that your child’s table set actually fits in with your home and supports their learning and development. Some of the best products we’ve seen boast complete designs or else simple block colour components to ensure your child feels engaged and visually stimulated by the design. For an older child however, you may find that a more neutral colour is a better option to allow them to focus on their work – and is far more likely to suit the general style of your home. Most children’s table and sets can be found in department stores and furniture retailers, particularly those with a specialist range of children’s furniture.

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