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Hammocks, Hanging Chairs & Stands

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Hammocks, Hanging Chairs & Stands

One of the most popular modern outdoor seating solutions available at the moment is the hanging egg chair – a cocoon styled seat which allows the user to curl up within an egg shaped chair, with support around their back and the sides, gently swinging from a hoist. Inspired by large basket swings in children’s playgrounds, these kinds of hanging seats allow the seat to hang down from one sturdy hoist, giving them the freedom to sway gently and spin slowly in circles – replicating the relaxing movement of a swing. In short, any hanging style of seat oozes a luxurious feel, with hammocks in particularly reminding buyers of holidays abroad and tropical beaches. So how do you achieve the same effect and vibe in your own garden, and what do you need to ensure that your hammock or hanging seat can provide the optimum benefits in your very own outdoor space?

What does it take to turn your garden into a luxury oasis?

One of the things we love about a hanging seat is the calming feel we get from watching the gentle sway – something which infinitely reminds us of the ocean on holiday. As such, ensuring that your hanging seat has plenty of space to move in will ensure that you can make the most of its freedom of movement. Another way to optimise your hanging seat and ensure to provides the desired finish is to place it somewhere surrounded by beauty and natural wonder – for example under a beautiful willow tree, or in the midst of flowers and greenery. With the cushioned lining and opportunity to dress the hanging seat with as much comfort as you like, surrounding the chair with things that make you happy will ensure you make the most of any time spent in the chair. If you’re leaning towards a hammock rather than a hanging chair, make sure you don’t hang the hammock so high that getting in and out of it is too much of a challenge. Inevitably the structure of a hammock will provide some entertainment whenever you use it, but there is a fine line between an entertaining struggle and a hazard which could cause injury, so make sure you keep your outdoor space safe with a sensible placement of hammock.

Accessories to pair with your hanging seat

First up, what use is a comfortable and relaxing seat if you don’t have an adjoining table to hold your drink and snacks? One thing we love about summer is the endless cocktails and ice creams to try, so make sure that once you’re in your chair you don’t have to leave to get a drink – simply have everything you need safely placed on a small table next to your seat. And then comes the fun bit – dressing your chair up to match your chosen style. From outdoor cushions to throws, fairy lights and vines, dressing up your outdoor chair can mean the difference between a forgettable seating option, and a focal design feature.

Where to buy the best hanging chairs and hammocks

For a hanging chair which comes complete with its stand, you will want to ensure you choose a high quality finish from a renowned retailer which specialises in furniture – garden centres, furniture retailers, and home department stores are a good place to start. A more affordable option for a hanging chair or hammock is one which hangs directly from an existing structure, for example a thick tree branch, though this should not be entered into lightly and you should ensure the safety and strength of any branch before hanging a seat from it.

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