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Balcony Planters

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Balcony Planters

From growing your own vegetables to nurturing flowers and other plant life, planters provide a safe and effective way to turn your balcony into a garden. While many of our members fill their plots and gardens with edible produce, others prefer to leave the ground to its own devices, encouraging the growth of wildflowers and other natural plants. Of course, much of the success of these plants relies on good soil and the right conditions – something which is far more easily monitored and nurtured using a balcony planter.

What do I need in order to grow a balcony garden?

First and foremost, a reliable planter which is small enough to sit comfortably on your balcony, but large enough to allow for the growth and expansion of your plant life project. A quality soil is another requirement which can be picked up at a garden centre, as well as plenty of sunlight, and a commitment to caring for your urban garden.

What are balcony planters made from?

Essentially forming a large tub in which to grow different plants, a balcony planter can be made of a number of different materials – with your selection mainly depending on your desired finish, and any budgeting requirements. For those seeking a clean and stylish finish, wooden planters can be used either in their natural state or painted in your favourite colour, while ceramic and tiled planters make a really great statement – particularly in a concrete outdoor space. For the most affordable selection, plastic is a diverse material which can create either a sturdy or more flexible structure, and a metal planter will result in an industrial and modern vibe. Of course, as well as the standing variety, balcony planters can also be purchased to hang on the railings of your balcony space – ideal for getting the best sunlight, and providing an appealing view both from the inside and outside of your balcony. Many of these hanging planters can be hooked onto the edge of a railing or balcony wall, and can be purchased online through a variety of department and garden store retailers.

Unique balcony planters

Then we come to the more unique balcony planters, designed to attract the eye and create a focal point in your outdoor space. These types of unique planter are best home to creeping plants and vibrant flowers, to fully embrace their status as a design feature – with some of our favourite options including stacked planting pockets to run down a wall, basket planters, and planters set into wooden stands to create a range of heights and textures.

Finding the best quality balcony planters

If you are looking for planters which will sit outside all year round, not only do you need to invest in a reliable and structurally sound design, but you may want to consider pairing your planter with some form of covering – to protect from wind, intense sunlight and other adverse weather conditions which may affect the growth. When it comes to sourcing balcony planters which are affordable and quality, garden centres often provide a range of basic planters, while homeware and independent retailers specialise in those with more of a design flair. And if you can’t find a design to best suit your requirements, why not purchase a basic wooden or white ceramic planter, and paint it yourself!

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