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Baby Gates

One question which is regularly searched for online all through the year, is ‘What do I really need for my baby’? After all, with so many blogs and guides available online, the checklist of “must haves” can very quickly become overwhelming – with new parents often finding that half of the recommended items aren’t in fact as important as they were initially led to believe. There is one item however which features on most must-have lists, and is fully deserving of the number one spot – baby gates. And we don’t just mean at the top and bottom of stairs, though of course this is one of the primary uses of baby gates and one which most parents need to be aware of.

Top uses of baby gates

Stairs or no stairs, you need baby gates – likely more than one set, if you hope to be practical and efficient in your day to day life. Here are some of the top uses of baby gates across the home:

  • Blocking off stairs. Like we say, this is the most obvious, so it needs to be top of the list. Babies like to explore and as soon as they can crawl, they will be finding all the nooks and crannies that you didn’t even know existed in your home. But one area you do not want them to explore is the staircase – that’s why as a new parent, you need to block stairs off both from the top and the bottom, to prevent any accidents.

  • Block off any rooms which are not baby proof, or which you simply want to keep your baby out of. For example, a washing or utility room, or perhaps a home office. Use the baby gate to block the door and keep prying young hands away.

  • Contain their play area. For the safest play which you can be confident in, consider using baby gates to create somewhat of a creche. It could be a completely self-contained gated area outside, or simply blocking the doorway into a soft playroom. But if you want your baby to play safely, keeping them in one place is the safest way to do so.

  • Separate children from pets. They don’t always get on at first, and if you are nervous about mixing your dog and your new baby, use gates to keep them apart until you can be confident in their co-existence.

Top things to consider when buying your baby gates

One of the best things about modern baby gates, now found across baby retailers and some department stores, is that they are light and compact, and completely travel friendly. That means they can come on holiday with you, go to Grandma’s for the day, or simply be used across your indoor and outdoor spaces as required. While you can buy specific outdoor baby gates, and if you are subject to increment weather these can be a good idea for gates which withstand high winds or rain, most indoor gates can be used outdoors in the summer months when you are most likely to be playing outside. The other thing to consider when buying your baby gates is where you intend to install them, and how high you will need them to be. We recommend buying taller than you think you will need, as baby’s grow quickly and you may find that they soon outgrow a low down gate. For the best selection, read reviews online relating to your need and the age of your baby, and then head to baby retailers to discuss the best gates available with their in-store experts.

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