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Bathroom Scales

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Bathroom Scales

From keeping track of our own weight, to weighing our children as they grow up, weighing our suitcases before a holiday, and even checking in on other vital body statistics such as our BMI and body fat percentages, bathroom scales offer a plethora of services which help us keep in shape. While there are still a range of older models available on the market, using a manual dial as opposed to a digital reading, digital scales are becoming increasingly popular as they offer smart add-ons which allow us to keep our health in check and monitor progress.

The benefits of bathroom scales

First up, lets ask ourselves why we put scales in the bathroom. After all, shouldn’t they live in the kitchen where we prepare food, and make those all important nutrition choices which can either aid or hinder our weight loss progress? In fact, bathroom scales are best used with minimal clothing – with the most accurate weight available to you first thing in the morning before your first meal of the day. Therefore, it makes sense to place your scales somewhere where you frequent first thing in the morning – somewhere where you feel comfortable removing clothing, and somewhere private to allow you to revel in your weight loss achievements or face your obstacles. Plus, the bathroom provides plenty of places to store your scales away from harm’s way. Other tips for when it comes to investing in a good set of bathroom scales include:

  • Put your scales somewhere where you will remember to use them, but where you won’t obsess over them all the time. It is healthy to weight yourself around once a week to track your progress accurately.

  • Look for a digital set of scales which don’t break the bank, but which provide you with all the information you might need – or might find useful once you get to know your body better.

  • Find out if your bathroom scales are water-resistant – making them safe to leave in the bathroom all the time, even when the shower is on. This may seem trivial, but water could cause long term damage to your scales if hey are not fully water resistant, so it is worth checking before you buy.

  • Scales with footprints built into the standing platform help the user to identify where they need to stand to achieve the best and most accurate reading. These are particularly good for children.

  • Make sure the platform is as large as possible to help you keep your balance. Large platforms are also beneficial if you need to weight other things as well, for example suitcases before getting on a plane, and pets should your vet suggest your animal needs to have their own wight monitored.

  • You don’t need to spend loads on bathroom scales! Some of the top health and beauty retailers stock scales which are affordable and accurate – and many are often discounted or available as part of offers and sales.

TOP TIP: Consider buying bathroom scales towards the end of the year, when people aren’t as motivated by knowing what their weight is. Towards the start of the year, with January fitness tracking and weight loss goals set – followed by the impending summer months – demand for bathroom scales goes up, and so do the prices. Avoid purchasing then to ensure you don’t get caught in an expensive purchase. If your local health and beauty retailer doesn’t stock a wide range, you can also try department stores, fitness retailers and online stockists – being sure to check reviews before you buy online!

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