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Bedspreads, Blankets & Throws

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Bedspreads, Blankets & Throws

As soon as you have selected and invested in the best possible bedding for your needs, it’s time to turn to the overall finish – the styling, the dressing, and the optional extras. We are of course talking about the bedspread and throws, which have the power to completely alter the look and feel of any bedroom in an instant. While children’s bedrooms tend to be adorned with whimsical character bedspreads and outrageous colours and patterns, an adult bedroom is somewhere that we know our members like to feel relaxed and peaceful – the place where you sleep, spend lazy mornings, and relaxing evenings. And reflecting that through the bedspread has never been easier, thanks to the huge ranges and collections available across most homeware retailers today – including celebrity designed bedspreads, designer finishes and even handcrafted unique items made by independent crafters.

Picking the best bedspread for an adult bedroom

For the most part, adult bedrooms should be relaxing and filled with colours and designs you love – and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is with the bedspread. One great way to utilise the bedspread and additional blankets is to select a base colour for your duvet cover, then accessorise and add patterns and textures through throws and blankets – which are easily removable and can be mixed and matched to suit your mood. TOP TIP: When it comes to the under sheet stick with neutral single colours, for example white or a slight grey. Darker sheets tend to create more of a moody feel and can make a bedroom appear untidy and dirty, while lighter bed linen will provide a sense of cleanliness. For our favourite pick of adult bedspreads, opt for high end and luxury homeware retailers. Your bed is somewhere you sleep every night so where possible, spend a little more to get a really good quality.

Picking the best bedspread for a children’s bedroom

When it comes to children’s rooms, this is where their imagination can run wild. In terms of areas of a child’s room to decorate, the bed spread is a fairly inoffensive area which can be changed far more easily than the colour of a wall or the pieces of furniture – so we suggest keeping the walls as plain as possible, and then accessorising with the bed spread through your children’s various phases and trends. Some of the best children’s bedspreads can be found in department stores in the child section, but be sure to check the size of the bed and duvet cover before buying as often singles and doubles can become mixed up in store.

Navigating the difficulty of a guest bedroom

Dressing a guest bedroom is hard – do you keep it plain and simple, or do you select a theme and immerse your guests in a complete experience? The safest option is to go for a contemporary style as a foundation decoration layer, and then use accessories to add pops of colour and personality. One way of doing this is to select a plain bedspread and then accessorize with coloured blankets and cushions.

The benefits of blankets and throws

Not only do blankets and throws have the power to create warmth where you may otherwise be chilly, but they also create different textures and design layers across a bedspread. Some of our favourite options include chunky knit throws available in many homeware and gift retailers, and blankets that have been picked up across travels and adventures – giving your room a feeling of your own personal nostalgia and personality.

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