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Wall Art

Plain walls are a missed opportunity, so choosing the right wall art to complete your interiors is an important task. Paintings, prints, tapestries and hangings are the cherry on the top of your lovely home. They provide a centrepiece, make an assortment of items into a collection and is the last ingredient that pulls your room together. Spending some time looking through all the options and putting them up is time well spent, your home will be more welcoming and the design profile will be that much higher. Consider the style, decor, colour scheme and the space you will be adding it to. With an amazing variety of options to consider, from floral tapestries to modern art prints and giant photographs, the most important thing to bear in mind is that you should choose something you really like. That lifts your mood when you walk into the room and makes you feel good when you look at it. If you love canvas wall art prints of bold sunflowers, go for it. If you like traditional portraiture, find it and make your wall art a daily investment in your own happiness. This is for you. Wall art comes in so many sizes, you could go for a collection of miniatures or a whole wall phenomenon which makes the statement for your room. If you know you need to fill a large space then start with the large and oversized options. A large Mandala print or abstract textured painting or print is a beautiful choice for a large or oversized option. If you have a small or irregularly shaped space then miniature prints and small wall hangings could be the perfect answer. That awkward corner is all of a sudden a place for a set of tessellating polygon-shaped prints or vintage-inspired miniatures. Classic posters are a lovely, informal option for living rooms or home offices. Their bright, high contrast graphic prints make an impact and they can remind you of some of your favourite pieces of culture, from favourite films to the albums that you can never stop playing. You can even group them together to create a hall of fame for your all-time greats in your own home. If you are trying to fit a colour scheme then you could choose wall art like a warm-toned pattern print for a room with orange or peach accents or likewise, choose a pale blue and white print for your navy blue wall. If you’re trying to keep a muted colour palette or you just have a different focal point in mind then there are lots of options for monochrome wall art, neutral-toned textiles or paintings that are more about atmosphere than contrast heavy detail. Children’s prints are especially fun, you can invite lions, flamingos and zebras into their bedroom savannah or go underwater with a lovely giant octopus print. You could also get your little one involved by letting them choose which animal. The wall art options don’t end with the animal kingdom though, think outside the box with modern robot prints or a travel poster print from a holiday they remember. You could choose to make a statement about your inner life by choosing wall art that has a quote or a portrait of a person you admire. You can gaze at Frida Kahlo or enjoy the wry words of your favourite author as you sip a morning coffee in your kitchen. Wall art is incredibly important to make a house into a home, your pictures are a window into the soul of your home. From traditional paintings to zany textiles, express yourself.

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