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Children's Decor

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Children's Decor

One of the key things to note about the market for children’s décor, is that different items, themes and accessories are firmly categorised by age group and interest. While homeware and generic home décor is separated into colour scheme and theme in line with our preferences and chosen styles, it is far more common for children’s décor to be influenced by their age and the kind of characters that they are surrounded with both in school, with their friends and in the media.

We often find our members struggling to keep up with ever-changing demands and preferences of their children, who one day will love a particular thing, only to go to school and come home claiming that their favourite princess or character is now “babyish”.

Keeping up with this ever-changing roster of favourites and desires is endless, and so ensuring that your children’s décor is as timeless as possible is the best way to keep it relevant for at least a few years.

Innovative ways to keep your children’s room decorated and relevant

One of the best ways to ensure the décor in a room isn’t quickly outgrown by your children, is to keep it as simple as possible with patterns and colours providing the main body of decoration – rather than specific characters and thematic designs.

Framed images are something that will always be in style no matter what kind of home you live in, so consider letting your children select paintings which provide a vibrant but relaxing ambience; something they will love throughout their childhood years. This could be something you paint together, it could be a photograph or painting of a family holiday or distinct memory, or it could be something completely abstract. Whatever it is, the more personal you can make it, the longer its lifespan will tend to be.

Another idea is to turn your child’s room into a timeline of their favourite characters and things, informing them that every time they discover a new preference or character that they love, it can be added to a growing collection of decorative images and memories. Not only will this result in a really playful and fun representation of all their favourite characters and faces, but it will also create a really heart-warming memoriam for you as a parent.

Ways to decorate a children’s room

Aside from the obvious wall colours, paintings and framed images, there are a range of other way to bring decoration and style to your child’s room. The furniture for example provides the perfect base for your chosen theme, with most buyers tending to opt for natural wood which can be painted, or else accessorised on the surface with ornaments and other items.

Another way to decorate your child’s room is with their soft furnishings, ranging from their curtains to their bedding, cushions and soft toys. All of these provide a new way of bringing in fun and characterisation, as well as helping them to use their imagination and engage with the space around them.

Other methods for children’s room decoration include:

  • Rugs and floor cushions

  • Fairy lights and other hanging accessories such as bunting and mobiles

  • Decorative accessories which serve a purpose and seek to teach your children different life skills, for example drawer tidies which help them to segment their possessions, and tall shelves for them to stack their favourite toys on.

For the widest selection of children’s décor, no matter what the chosen theme or colour scheme may be, head to department stores and interior retailers – or give it a go yourself and let your children create their own decorations.

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