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Children's Bedding

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Children's Bedding

A child’s bed is so much more than just a place to sleep. A child’s bed is where their stories come to life through the voices and eyes of their parents and their favourite books. It’s where their imaginations run wild – where they jump around pretending to be on a trampoline, or where they hide away from the monsters at the end of the bed. It’s a safe place where they know nothing can harm them, and it’s the perfect place to add vibrant colour and their favourite characters, both in the form of toys and soft furnishings, and on the bedding itself. The fact is, while adults opt for the most neutral bedding sets with luxurious materials and a soft touch feel, for the child, the best quality bedding is that which allows them to dream big and harness the power of their favourite characters, themes and colours. The retail market around children’s bedding is a never-ending grotto of possibility, with some buying complete sets while others create more unique combinations of different bedding sets and styles – both purchased in store, and homemade by family members.

Children’s bedding sets designed around themes

It could be an under the sea theme, or perhaps it’s pirates or princesses. Whatever it is your child is into, there’s probably a children’s bedding set to match it – with some of the best sets available across interior homeware retailers and soft furnishing specialists. We find that themed and character-covered bedding sets are particularly effective from an aesthetic point of view in plainer rooms, as they provide the vibrancy of a young person’s room without completely altering the way the room appears as a canvas.

Creating your own bedding sets to last the test of time

How many times have you purchased a bedding set with your child’s favourite character, only for them to change their mind and month later and decide they prefer something else instead? One of the most common questions we get asked by our members is how to satisfy children’s whose tastes are constantly changing – particularly quoting the popular issue of children simply refusing to go to bed under the bedding of a character they don’t like anymore. If this sounds like your child, consider opting for bedding which is a little plainer – perhaps showcasing a favourite colour rather than a specific theme. You can then use soft toys, cushions and blankets to add the vibrance of different preferences and characters, without constantly having to invest in a whole new bedding set.

Things to consider when buying children’s bedding

First and foremost, making sure you have the right size bedding is key to providing the best possible comfort and experience for your child. Buyers should note that a child size bed is not the same as an adult single, and the bedding options available for adults singles may not be as expansive or all-encompassing as those available for children’s beds. Other things to consider are the materials used to create the bedding, whether they are comfortable and hypoallergenic for your child, and whether they compliment the rest of the textures used in the room. We often find that children are particularly keen on different textures for example soft touch pillows and fluffy rugs, so giving them different kinds of surfaces and material finishes to interact with will enhance their engagement with the space around them. That, and a well chosen set of bedding will give their imagination everything it needs to create hour of playtime and fun.

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