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Garden Furniture Cushions

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Garden Furniture Cushions

From neutral block colours to elaborate patterns, outdoor cushions and accessories have the power to transform a green space or patio into a wonderland of colour and personality – all you have to do is decide what your perfect finish is, and shop smart to get there.

Finding your perfect style

Many of our members come to us asking which outdoor and garden furniture cushions will best suit their garden style. So, we’ve come up with the following list of garden features, and the very best furnishing choices to suit them…

  • For a small garden filled with flowers and greenery, consider a neutral colour scheme across your garden furniture cushions. Not only will neutral colours compliment the natural space, but they will also ensure that no attention is taken away from the beautiful flowers adorning your garden.

  • For a large garden with sparse trees and flower beds, consider block colours which compliment and juxtapose each other. One of our favourite summer combinations is pink and yellow, with a great style choice being large yellow furnishings on deck chairs and loungers, and then smaller pink cushions in bright shades strewn across the chairs.

  • For a garden which is primarily made up of patio space, patterned cushions are a great way to liven up a concrete space. Some of our favourite patterned furniture cushions include tropical patterns and palm trees, stripes and polka dots. All of these are super complimentary to garden space and will make you smile every time you pick one up.

  • For a balcony or limited outdoor space, do whatever you want and whatever makes you happy! We recommend bright colours, loads of patterns, and an eclectic mix of styles.

Comfort vs. Style

For those members concerned about purchasing cushions online or picking a great pattern over something that is really comfortable, don’t worry! One of the great things about any kind of furniture cushion is that 90% of styles and designs are made with removable covers – meaning you can mix and match the cover with the innings easily and quickly. Not only does that mean you can pair your favourite styled cover with your most comfortable cushion inside, but it is also a really great way to keep your furniture cushions cheap – as plain cushions are much cheaper than patterned ones, so you can source a cheaper and super plain cushion base, then simply zip it straight into your favourite cover!

Finding the best garden furniture cushions

When it comes to finding the best furniture cushions on the market, one thing to consider is that while garden loungers will likely need a form-fitting garden furniture cover, many of your scatter and decorative cushions can actually be repurposed indoor cushions – especially when the weather is good! Not only does that open up the design options available to you, but it also means you can find your perfect cushions all through the year – as you can ignore the seasonal outdoor cushions which only appear in summer, and focus on retailers who sell great cushions all year round!

For some of the best colours and designs, high street department stores offer wide selections and a variety of different sizes – including separate inside cushions and covers to make mixing and matching even easier! Alternatively, if you’re looking for specific garden cushions then garden centres and outdoor retailers often house the best selection, though you’d be best off shopping in the Spring and early Summer months if you want the widest selection of options.

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