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Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom lighting is a key that can open the door to gently winding down to sleep and waking up smoothly and gradually. If you can layer your light and choose the right fixtures, fittings and ways to adjust them then you can make the lighting fit any activity or any mood.

It might sound complex but all you need is the ability to know what you normally use your bedroom for. Of course, most of us sleep in our bedrooms but many of us use them as dressing rooms, a place to read, grooming areas or areas to relax.

The amount of light and focus you need for each activity will signpost how much light and what kind you need.

No matter what your priorities are, your first priority is probably a good ceiling light to give good general illumination from general living. A large pendant light with an oversized shade and either a simple pattern or a single colour. A block colour is a popular choice and for good reason. You could also go for a chandelier for an opulent look.

A touch of luxury can be the perfect indulgence in your inner sanctum. Glistening crystal chandeliers are a timeless choice but there are also more modern spins on the same idea. Carved wooden chandeliers often give a more masculine air or glistening copper or chrome for a twinkling alternative.

The ability to dim and brighten your lights at will is an excellent option to explore for mood lighting in your bedroom and is compatible with many types of fittings and styles from modern industrial to Edwardian inspired country house inspirations.

Lighting can be part of a multi-purpose object and you could choose a light fitting that incorporates a ceiling fan for a safari-inspired aesthetic or just the delight of a cool breeze in summer.

If you like to read in bed then you will want to go for some task lighting near the bedside. You could either go the popular route with a bedside table lamp to sit on your nightstand, with styles from a miniature anglepoise lamp to a stained glass lamp, a moulded concrete bulb holder or a pretty ceramic base.

If you don’t have a nightstand or just prefer to keep that space clear, you can choose a wall-mounted light. A swing arm light, perhaps with a chrome or powdered metal shade, allows you to swing the light over your bed to see your book at night but glides back into place on the wall when you’re done.

Extendable wall lights are another practical choice in this category, stretching forward on extending arms to meet you when you need them but compacting back neatly otherwise. Don’t require a table and they allow you to use them either with a ceiling fixture for extra light or to provide gentle light in the evening or morning.

If you keep a vanity corner or a dressing table in your bedroom, you may want a wall sconce or a spotlight to direct light into that area so your hair and makeup can benefit from lighting that will mimic natural light as closely as possible.

Floor lamps that rise to the correct height are another way to serve your bedside lighting needs. They can rise to the right height for your bedside and be convenient to access. Chrome shades like domes or traditional fabric shades in floral chintz or fun shibori are a great accent.

Task lighting light LED spotlights inside a wardrobe or over your headboard are useful, subtle highlights that can make a big difference to making your room tailored to you.

Bedroom lighting sets the tone for the beginning and end of every day so let your needs create a harmonious blend of mood and function.

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