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Bedroom Sets

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Bedroom Sets

From rustic to modern, bedroom sets are one of the quickest and most convenient ways of establishing a harmonious bedroom setting in your chosen style – with most sets including the usual wardrobe, side tables and chest of drawers. Interestingly our buyers will find that most bedroom sets do not include a bed – with many retailers understanding that the bed is an entirely unique purchase and will not necessarily link in with the surrounding furniture. When it comes to buying a bedroom set, many of our members ask us if they should find their perfect bed and then look for a matching set, or pick their favourite bedroom set and then find a bed to compliment the design. To them we say this – your bed may be the focal point of the room, but the furniture is what you will look at every day when you wake up in the morning, and it is important that you are happy with what you see.

Ensuring that you can find the perfect bedroom set to match the perfect bed

Unless you have a very niche requirement or find yourself browsing collections across unique retailers, you will likely find that many bedroom sets available across high street retailers are fairly simple and sleek in design. Whether you prefer a modern and minimalist complete white look finish, or would prefer the rustic charm of a natural wood set, the majority of widely available bedroom sets are basic in their design and will suit most rooms – and most beds. For those dressing a smaller bedroom, we suggest looking into the lighter and more natural colours available, channelling the focus of the room into a bed which – to suit a smaller room – should be fuss-free and minimal in its design. Think no headboard, a lower level base, and neutral wooden frame to maximise the use of the space around it. For those sourcing furniture for a larger bedroom, bedroom sets which feature grand designs and intricate structures are far more likely to compliment the space – well suited to extravagant bed frames with posts surrounding the mattress and large headboards. For this kind of furniture, consider widening your search away from the high street to encompass artisan carpenters and even second-hand retail dealers, who specialise in more traditional bedroom sets. If you’re shopping on a budget, you may also find that some high street retailers offer a selection of traditional style furniture – though often without the history.

Top considerations when purchasing a bedroom set

While buying your bedroom furniture in a set is often the most cost effective way of dressing a room, this is only the case if you intend on using every item; otherwise, you may find that for the same cost you could spend a little more on each item individually, and ensure the highest possible quality. Our members often ask us what they should be looking for when sourcing the perfect bedroom set, and our key suggestion is to consider the space you have available – not just in terms of surface space, but also with regards to height. Many bedrooms, particularly in converted attic rooms and older style houses have sloped rooves, essentially cutting the height of the room at the wall and leaving little room for taller pieces of furniture. Similarly, those with really tall bedrooms will want to utilise the space available in a bid to ensure the optimum use of space and to avoid large empty cavities which can become quite cold and empty. Before investing in any bedroom set, measure the space you have and determine exactly where you will place each item.

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