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Soap Dishes & Dispensers

In speaking with our members, we know that while some prefer the old school value of a bar of soap on an intricately designed dish, others like the clean ease of a liquid soap dispenser. However you choose to store and provide access to your handwashing soap, retailers are now offering reusable dispensers and well designed dishes to ensure that these accessories can tie in with the overall design and finish of your bathroom – without breaking the bank.

Choosing between a soap dish or a soap dispenser

In making the decision between a soap dish or a soap dispenser, the first thing to note is the space available. Soap dishes require a little more space and ideally need to be positioned as close to the sink or water source as possible to minimise mess and dripping, while a dispenser provides a cleaner outlet of soap and takes up less space. In the past, soap dispensers were regarded as less friendly to the environment as when they ran out, customers had to buy a whole new contained, and while this is still true to an extent, many of our retailers offer reusable dispensers which can be topped up regularly – leaving members able to purchase a large value pack of soap, and then just top up their reusable “show” dispenser. One such soap dispenser which is increasing in popularity, is those which release a foamed soap, with our members commonly asking how these work and whether they are worth installing in their own homes. Foam soap dispensers work by dispensing the liquid soap through a finely tuned and precise pump mechanism which creates a foamy finish. These are most popular in public restrooms as they maximise the amount of soap that each pump provides, though more and more retailers are creating these for the mass homeware market.

What to look for in a good soap dish or dispenser

The first thing to make sure when buying a dish or dispenser, is that the material used is completely waterproof and can withstand regularly getting wet. If you choose an industrial style dish which is subject to rust, or a plastic dispenser which becomes easily clogged, you will only have to replace it sooner – so invest in something that will last longer, even if it costs a little more to buy. If you’re looking for a good soap dish, you will want to make sure that the soap can’t simply slide out of it whenever it is wet – calling for a large enough dish that your bar of soap will sit comfortably without constantly falling out. Similarly, with both a dish or dispenser, ensuring that the base is made up of a material which will stay put on a slippery wet surface is key to minimising the risk of it falling and even breaking.

Where to find the best soap dishes and dispensers

Whether you are looking for some plain and simple, or something a little more delicately designed, a soap dish or dispenser is a great way to dress your sink in line with the rest of the room, and liven up quite a bland feature in the room. Some of our favourite homeware retailers offer soap dishes which match toothbrush holders and other accessories, providing a consistency in design – no matter what style you select. If you’re looking for high quality or affordable products, we recommend starting with homeware and department store retailers, before branching out to independent businesses or – if in doubt – purchasing some basic white dishes or dispensers, some ceramic pens, and decorating your own!

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