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How do you organise your wardrobe? Do you split it into colour coded sections? Do you prefer a segment dedicated to different occasion, with daywear at one end and clothes for going out at the other end? Perhaps one of your top requests is a wardrobe with built-in shelving down one side to allow for your t-shirts and other items which don’t require a hanger? Whatever your preferences are, when it comes to buying a wardrobe the market is packed full of different options – and that’s without turning to furniture retailer who create custom made items which are tailored to your space and specific requests. The fact is, we all like to store our clothes in different ways – and retailers today are determined to ensure that there is something out there for everyone. To help you decide on your perfect wardrobe solution, here’s what you need to look for…

What kind of wardrobe will fit into the space I have available?

Having a wardrobe big enough to stand in is the dream for many homeowners, but the truth is that many simply don’t have the space. Innovative wardrobe solutions which make the best use of space are perfect for lots of buyers, and we are pleased to see that many of our furniture retailers are offering wardrobes which are small in width but much larger in depth, alongside those which don’t sit back very far but may be much longer to provide maximum width space. By offering options at both ends of this, retailers are providing different suggestions for different homeowners – facing different logistical challenges. The one other thing to consider when placing your wardrobe is the texture of the floor and the stability of the surface. Many homeowners find that their homes sit on a very slight tilt, meaning that some of the floors can sit a little uneven – not a problem until you come to place a large object such as a wardrobe, which needs stability in order to sit safely.

What is the best material for my room?

Wardrobes can be made of anything, from solid wood to MDF, metal and even plastic. Not only will this impact the overall appearance but it will also alter the price tag on the wardrobe, with solid and natural wood sitting at the top as the priciest options – and MDF falling much lower down as a more affordable solution. Whatever your budget allows for, make sure the material is right for the aesthetic of your room and the space. To discuss your options, head to a specialised furniture retailer who will be able to show you the best options in line with your budget – and suggest the best ways to optimise the wardrobe’s structure and build.

Extras to look out for which can optimise your space

From built-in drawers and shelving space, to a bottom shelf perfect for stacking shoe boxes or displaying pairs of shoes, many wardrobes today come equipped with some functional extras which can add value and make them even more of an attractive purchase. One of our favourites, and one which we have seen on an increasing number of retail wardrobes thanks to the popularity of this feature in tailormade and custom built wardrobes, is the use of a mirror material on the exterior door. Not only does this turn your wardrobe into a permanent full length mirror, but it also opens the entire room up and immediately makes the space feel bigger and brighter – one of the main reasons why we love using mirrors all through the home.

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