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Alarm Clocks

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Alarm Clocks

From traditional clocks with bells on the top, to digital alarm clocks and innovative clocks which engage the user in new ways of waking up, the basic idea of an alarm clock is to provide a means of waking up a sleeping individual at a time of their choice. While many of us now rely on smartphones to wake us up with our choice of radio music, repetitive tunes and chimes, and even an aggressive buzzing noise, bedside alarm clocks are still popular across all age groups – for the simple reason that they are reliable, do not depend on charging or being turned off silent, and also create an attractive decorative feature in a bedroom.

The various types of alarm clocks

Though traditionally these were tuned to let off a loud noise at the allotted time, often using a bell built into the very structure of the clock, retailers have now created innovative design features to alter the very basic use of an alarm clock; embracing those which automatically turn the radio on at the allotted time, and one which sits as a floor mat rather than on a surface – requiring the user to swing their legs out of bed and stand on it before it goes off. Similarly, another example of an innovative alarm clock is one which has to be located in the room and switched off, as it is built onto wheels which drive it around and continue to make noise until the user gets out of bed and finds it. Another type of alarm clock, and one which is particularly popular with many members and users, is one which mimics natural light to wake someone up – gradually becoming brighter and brighter to replicate the most natural alarm clock in our history – the sun.

The benefits of alarm clocks

Aside from doing their primary job of waking the user up, alarm clocks provide a variety of other benefits – including switching on the radio to give the user something interesting and informative to wake up to, being built into a digital display which also lets users know the temperature and weather conditions outside, and even one such design which uses alarm technology to switch the coffee machine on when the alarm goes on – meaning that the user can wake up to the smell of fresh coffee. All of these benefits and more are what elevate alarm clocks and take them from standard to exciting – something worth waking up for.

Do I need a smart alarm clock?

Alarm clocks tend to work by the time you set them to, though there are new smart alarm clocks appearing on the market which can link through to your whole home and ensure that by the time you wake up, the heating is on and the house is warm enough to make getting out of bed bearable if not enjoyable. For these smart metres which are built into your alarm clock, consider speaking with experts about smart homes and the benefits. It is worth noting, when you buy a digital alarm clock in particular, that the display is particularly bright all through the night – possibly disturbing your quality of sleep, especially if you are a light sleeper. Thus, investing in a smart alarm clock with a dimmed display may be worth looking into to improve your overall quality of sleep. While these digital and smart alarm clocks tend to be available through technology and department store retailers, you may find that the more traditional and standard designs are available across homeware and accessory retailers – especially those designed to be aesthetically pleasing.

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