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Bathroom Lighting

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Bathroom Lighting

Your bathroom is a place that needs to play a lot of roles. It needs to defy space and time to allow what might seem like a whole theatre troupe to get ready in the morning, it needs to be a functional space that both is clean and enables you to get rid of first and it needs to be your own spa, a place you can relax in and let go every care of the day. As the first place you get out of bed and go and your last stop before bed at night, it sets the tone for your day. It’s no mean feat for any room to achieve all the things a bathroom should, but lighting design will be a big help along the way. The basic principles of using task lighting to make your functional jobs easier and atmospheric lighting to change the mood of the space as well as a good main light fixture to give enough light for general tasks still hold. The potential of your space depends on you. With such a wonderful array of options in every category, getting the right fit should be as easy as sinking back into a bubble bath. Bathroom lighting zones can respond to your needs. Perhaps you shave your face or pluck your eyebrows, if so then an illuminated border on a bathroom mirror, a spotlight over your bathroom mirror or a directional spotlight can give you the extra light you need to do precision jobs well. You could also go for a good quality bathroom ceiling light that has a strong, bright light with an appropriate bulb, there are no downsides to having a well functioning bathroom ceiling light, whatever other options you add. Since power outlets and floor lamps are out of the running for bathroom lighting options, directional lighting is best as a wall light, directional spotlight or a ceiling fixture which shines light where you want it. Downlights which are recessed into the ceiling are a useful type of lighting around the shower. They are easy to clean, don’t take up any significant amount of space and they can be highly energy-efficient depending on the type of spotlight you choose. Softer ceiling lighting can help give a more relaxed appearance which is perfect for the moments in the day when you want to light a candle and use your bathroom to put on a fmask and run a bath. You can see your necessities without needing to worry about any glare. You could even have a lower intensity light or a dimmer switch so that when you get up in the night and go to the bathroom, you don’t have to be dazzled. You could even choose a targeted wall sconce light so your lighting all works in harmony. Bar mounted or recessed spotlights can operate as a group or you could go for a set that can be turned on independently to vary the light level. Bathroom lights come in clean chrome fittings, invisible recessed fittings as well as flush and semi-flush ceiling fittings. You could have frosted glass domes, large ceiling fitted bulbs, crystal bathroom ceiling lights, abstract moulded ceiling lights or square light boxes mounted to your ceiling or as a wall sconce. There are also pendant light options for bathrooms in metal, glass and ceramics. Suit a modern, sleek design to a modern bathroom or choose a beautiful feature of vintage-inspired bulbs to go with a bathroom that features victorian taps and a roll-top bath. There is no wrong answer, your taste and your needs will lead you right to your ideal illumination.

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