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Hallway Furniture & Storage

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Hallway Furniture & Storage

The hallway of a home is one of the most used spaces in the home, and yet when it comes to furnishing and dressing it, many of us pass it by without much thought. After all, if you aren’t going to sit in it and spend time in it, why bother – right? We don’t agree. The hallway of your home has the power to become a portal from the outside to the comfortable inside; from one decorative theme to another; from the playful and vibrant children’s area through to the modern and relaxing vibe of the main living space. In essence, the hallway is like the palette cleanser of the home – the space between different rooms which allows guests to reset their expectations ready for the next room. As such, dressing the hallway correctly with good furniture and clever storage is key to keeping it uncluttered and in keeping with the rest of the home and the seamless union of different styles.

Hallway furniture as part of the overall decorative theme of your home

Generally, we know our members tend to favour hallway furniture which is fairly neutral and unobtrusive – serving more of a purpose than a decorative need. Large natural wood items, neutral wall colours and minimal accessories which provide a feeling of wellbeing and calm are popular across different homeware retailers, with many choosing to keep their hallways light and airy and saving the main decorative styling for the key living spaces. The furniture you pick has the power to make the space seem bigger or smaller, and so we suggest always sticking with paler furniture in your hallways where possible – as this allows the space to seem as big as possible. If you’re struggling with space, a well-placed mirror at the edge or end of a hallway can really help to lighten up the space and create the illusion of extra room.

What hallway furniture do you need?

In terms of the hallway need, one of our favourite items – and one which is becoming increasingly popular in both furniture stores and homeware accessory retailers – is hallway storage chests. These are generally large wooden chests with plenty of space inside them, which can be furnished with cushions, made to look like a wooden bench, or even used as a display surface for photos and plants. Some of the best options available right now are made with natural wood – complimenting the need for light furniture and neutral colours to optimise your space allowance. Ottomans are another good choice for concealed storage, though be aware of the material finish you choose as many modern ottomans are designed to emanate elegance and so are made with rich colours and velvets – something which could make your space feel more closed. Other popular hallway furniture includes bookshelves, chairs, and adequate lighting to give the space a warm and welcoming feel. If your hallway is lacking in natural light, consider ceiling lights which provide the widest possible distribution of light – while a hallway with plenty of windows and natural sunlight may benefit from a floor lamp or two to make the space feel a little more cosy.

Where to look for the best hallway furniture

As with many large furniture items, furniture retailers often offer the best selection as well as different showrooms where you can see how various designs look in place – fully assembled. If your space is small and you are looking for smaller piece, consider homeware stores or mass market furniture specialists who create DIY flatpack items at affordable prices.

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