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Children's Lighting

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Children's Lighting

One of the best things about children’s lighting is not only the range of different options and designs available through retailers, but also the incredible innovative and exciting ways of adding lighting to a space which creates more of an exciting and unique appearance. Children’s lighting tends to be more extensive in its options, primarily because as children get older they gradually need and require different styles and types of lighting to optimise their lifestyle – from the night lights of the early years, through to desk lamps and reading lights as they get older. One of our favourite things to note about many retailer options is how they succeed in breathing life into all different types of lighting, adding characters to nightlights to soothe children, and even turning desk lights into more exciting designs to make work more fun.

The best lights for young children

With younger children, you tend to need lights which never leave your child in complete darkness but instead create enough of a soothing atmosphere and environment that they are happy to indulge in nap time or go off to sleep for a few hours without waking up in the pitch black. One way of achieving this is with night lights – many of which plug directly into a wall to create a small beam of light which seeks to brighten the whole room a little without becoming overpowering. If you do decide to opt for a wall plug nightlight, take time deciding on the best location and ensure that the light itself will provide the optimum amount of light in relation to how well covered or on show it is. Other great lights for younger children include ceiling lights attached to dimmer switches, and floor lights – mainly for your use when you get up to sit with your child during the night or for use during story time. Floor lights in particular are well connected with aesthetically pleasing rooms and can add a really stylish look to the room which is both functional and looks good.

The best lights for older children

This is where lights tend to matter a little more, with older children looking for items which spark their imagination and which they find exciting. Lava lamps are a really popular example which have long been the staple of a child’s bedroom – providing a source of quite dim light which is also super interesting to watch as the fluid inside the lamp moves around on its own. Other lights for older children include generic desk lamps and reading lights, though again we recommend adding some enhancing design features to these where possible by investing in exciting lamp shades or else actually choosing a desk light which is constructed in a unique and visually pleasing way – for example the shape of a unicorn or a spaceship. And then we have the children’s lights which soothe sleep and turn the bedroom into a haven of visual excellence and relaxation. A recent addition on the market, moon and planet lights are a really popular way of creating light from something which also stands alone as a decorative accessory – literally emanating the light of the moon or another planet atop a table or other surface. All of these lights and plenty more take the idea of light and turn it into something exciting and unique to add life to your child’s room – using everything from construction to light intensity to add visual excitement and interest. For the best selection of children’s lights, head to light specialists and department store retailers.

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