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Cots & Cot Beds

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Cots & Cot Beds

When your baby outgrows their basket, your face a decision – whether to purchase a cot, or a cost bed. Contrary to popular belief that these two products types are one and the same, cots and cot beds boast a variety of differences, with each being suitable for different ages and uses, depending on your long term requirements.

The differences between cots and cot beds

The primary difference between a cot and a cot bed is the duration for which it will provide safe and comfortable bedding for your baby – while a cot may be outgrown within a year or two, a cot bed can double up as a toddler bed once your baby is old enough to sleep without the frame protecting them. As such, for those looking at investing in something which they can use for a number of years, a cot bed provides the most suitable option – though you will need to consider the size and weight of your child as they grow, with cot beds only able to withstand a certain weight.

Top considerations when buying a cot or a cot bed

If you can’t decide between a cot or a cot bed, the first thing to consider is the amount of space you’ve got. A cot bed is considerably bigger than a cot, and so should only be purchased if you have the space for it in your room, or if you decide to sleep your baby in a separate room. Be aware that cot beds are not only longer than cots but also have a little more width – providing your baby with more freedom to move around, but also requiring a great deal more space in your home. Then we come to the safety. Most modern designs now come with removable frames on both cots and cot beds – making it easy for you to match your bed up to your baby’s bed, and to make changing easier. Most cots will only have one side which is removable while cot beds are completely detachable to provide the transition from cot to junior bed. If you purchase a frame and the mattress separately, double check your measurements to be sure the mattress will fit. Many furniture retailers on the modern market slightly adjust the sizing of their beds (both for babies and for adults) in order to entice you to buy both the frame and the mattress from them, so be aware of this and make sure the sizing matches up for your full bedspread.

Choosing the right option for your home aesthetics

Getting the look right in your baby’s room can really help when it comes to relaxing you as a new parent, and that means – as well as focussing on your baby’s comfort – choosing a bed that you love to look at. One of the most popular options on the market at the moment is the sleigh shaped bed with curved edges which break up the monotony of straight lines and create a freer feel which looks stylish and welcoming. Of course, the bedding and accessories you add will also have a huge impact, and remember that most cots and cot beds come with wooden frames which can be easily painted should you wish to alter their appearance as your baby grows up and starts to showcase their own preferences. In terms of the purchase itself, once you’ve done your research make sure you head to a specialist baby store or department retailer with a baby department, to discuss your options with experts who can guide you towards the best products for you.

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