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Moses Basket & Crib Bedding

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Moses Basket & Crib Bedding

Many of our new parent members ask about the best kind of bedding for both a permanent crib and when on-the-go, with questions around not just the comfort and practicality, but the different available fits, styles, and additional features.

Top uses of a Moses basket and how to select the best bedding to line it

Most new parents employ the use of a Moses basket when out and about or when moving around the house – with the handles and light structure making a Moses basket one of the easiest ways to offer a portable sleeping option for your baby. Due to its portable nature, the beauty of selecting bedding for a Moses basket is that it doesn’t need to compliment any particular room as it isn’t a permanent feature – making your Moses basket the perfect place to use your creativity and invest in some bedding which is a little different to that which you would choose for the bedroom.

While some choose to select a fitted sheet and blankets, the market is growing with an increasing number of retailers and makers specialising in bedding sets complete with padded sleep bags and pillows. Available in wide ranges of different designs and materials, these are particularly popular in the cooler months as they allow your baby to be wrapped up in a covered blanket with less exposure to the cold air.

It’s worth noting that different Moses baskets come in different shapes and sizes, so be sure to measure your basket’s mattress lining before purchasing a fitted sheet – not all sheets will fit all baskets.

Selecting the best bedding for your crib

While the Moses basket needs to offer warmth and comfort on the go, it is unlikely that your crib will ever go outside, and so often new parents find that their crib bedding can be much lighted in terms of the weight and density of material.

Babies and young children have much warmer resting bodies than adults, and so tend to need less coverage during the night – especially when sleeping in a heated house. As such, some of the best bedding options for cribs are light sheets which can be layered up for a cool night or stripped away if your baby gets too hot.

Cribs tend to be much bigger than Moses baskets, and so your baby will likely get more use out of the crib as they grow than they will from a portable basket. If you’re a big fan of whimsical characters and fun bedding, our recommendation is to choose this for your Moses basket and keep the crib itself as an area of neutral colours and tranquillity – particularly when your baby is very young and when you will be visiting them at all hours for feeds.

Where to buy the best bedding for a crib or Moses basket

When it comes to buying bedding for both your crib and your Moses basket, we recommend looking for hypo-allergenic options which are breathable, comfortable, and made with as little synthetic material as possible. Babies tend not to have the same affinity for pillows as we do as adults, with the preference being to lie them flat – therefore, it follows that you want the entire length of bedding to be as comfortable and supportive as possible.

Specialise baby stores offer the widest selection of bedding available for all shapes and sizes of crib or basket, with department stores and baby departments coming a close second. And for those who like a personal touch, consider investing in high quality plain bedding and then making or knitting your own blanket – something for your baby to reassure as they grow.

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