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Candle Holders

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Candle Holders

Candles can be the perfect way to add a sense of occasion to your home. Whether you want to create a relaxed ambience, dial up the romance or create the perfect atmosphere for a special occasion. Candles might be the first thing you think of but they do not work by themselves. To benefit from the gentle flickering of a candle flame, you need a candle holder. You might want to elevate a humble set of tea lights with simple votive candle holders which gently diffuse the light and add pattern to the pattern of the flame. You could go for a clear set, or indulge in a rich jewel tone or red to cast over the room. There are far more expansive options for the humble tea light, however, wrought iron holders for the tiny dancing candle flames that set each tea light above the previous one in a spiral or a pyramid of little candles. Some choices make a definite statement about the direction you want your interior design to take. Place your candle inside a purpose-built Morrocan lamp candle holder or a glass hurricane lamp and you immediately have the chance to conjure up the feel of the grand cafes of Marrakech or a safari lodge, bringing comfort to natural wonder. You could go classic with a candelabra and long white candles. Go for just a few candles or go wild with a dozen slender tapers. Your guests won’t be able to miss the excitement they encourage and you will feel luxurious from the moment you begin putting the candles into their sconces and it builds as you delicately illuminate each flame. If you want something more modern, there is plenty for you to choose from. Rustic, minimal wooden candle holders with inset hollows for each candle are a way to include a natural texture in your decor without any fussy details. You could choose a minimal metal lantern in a geometric shape or a mirrored plate and stand to reflect the light all around your room. Crystal candle holders come in modern or traditional design. You could buy a crystal cut glass pillar candle holder which has a traditional look or an angle cut or beaded option which fits with a modern or minimalism theme. Holding the dark in abeyance has been important since the dawn of time but that is no reason it should be purely functional. Wall sconce candle holders have come a long way since they were mere holsters for a burning torch. Wall sconce candle holders can be almost any size, reflect complex swirling wire or metal patterns or have enamelled back plates to show pictures and scenes. Metal scrollwork can be secured over a mantelpiece or on a feature wall to hold pillar candles. You could even consider some festive options, like a stylised set of berries and pine cones to make your candle holder perfect for the Christmas season. For a summery feel, you could consider a driftwood candle holder or a woven rattan exterior for a glass hurricane lamp. Adapt your choices to your needs by choosing a supplier with a variety of products. The interior of your home is not the only place you could use candle holders. Miniature bucket votive holders make cute, themed outdoor accents or for a more refined garden party look, a set of steel and glass lantern candle holders. Treating yourself to a candle holder and a candle is a way to invest in your peace of mind and sense of equilibrium within your home. Set yourself up for a beautiful moment of calm.

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