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Cushions & Throws

One of our main recommendations to homeowners and buyers across every style of home is to keep their furniture neutral and minimal in its style, accessorising with added features and decorative items – namely cushions and throws. Designed to add both comfort and style to all manner of items of furniture around the home, the huge variety of cushions and throws now available on the market encompasses countless sizes, shapes, colours and styles – bringing and adding aesthetic value to the home in a series of different ways. And with so many options available, how do you possibly decide which pieces are best suited to your home?

Cushions and Throws for a modern home

When it comes to dressing and furnishing a modern home, one of the main things we find is that buyers like to keep their colouring and decoration minimal – maintaining clear and angular lines through plain and pale items of furniture which showcase natural materials and offer very little in the way of definition by colour. As such, modern homeowners tend to find themselves looking for new and innovative ways of adding visual interest to their living spaces, with some of the best options being to invest in items which add an extra dimension, levels and textured depth to the space. This means shelves, 3D artwork pieces, and of course cushions and throws in a variety of different textures and material finishes. Imagine a cream-coloured sofa in a canvas-style material, with wooden framing. Add a cream-coloured canvas cushion to this and the effect is minimal – however, if you select a cream-coloured cushion which is fluffy in its exterior or adds grandeur with a sequinned effect, you instantly create more of an interesting and unique finish on your sofa without any colour at all. Similarly, throws are particularly good at altering the appearance of a piece of furniture – whether you choose to alter the appearance through the use of colour, subtle patterning, or simple texture. When homeowners are stuck or unable to choose a colour of sofa for their home, we tend to recommend that they select a neutral or basic colour and then use throws to create different moods and styles as per their requirements – for example investing in seasonal throws for different times of year, or having a selection available for different moods.

Things to look for in the perfect cushion or throw

The perfect cushion or throw for your home is one which embraces your style choice or theme and really shouts about it – acting as the ideal item to really emanate a chosen style in a non-permanent way. Cushions in particular can often be found in a huge range of shapes and sizes, including large floor cushions which act as a good seating option, and those which actually replicate the shape of popular characters and motifs. Moving on to the feel of the cushion or throw, it is important to note not just the exterior fabric or material but also any filling which may be present – optimising the comfort and thickness of the cushion/throw and ensuring that the overall effect is as comfortable as possible. For those with allergies, we recommend taking the time to discuss hypoallergenic fillings with the retailer, sticking with synthetic materials rather than natural fillings like feathers and down. The best cushions and throws can be found across a variety of homeware and soft furnishing retailers, largely depending on what it is you are looking for and the ideal price point for your budget.

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