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Toilet Roll Holders

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Toilet Roll Holders

There are two distinct types of toilet roll holder available on the market at the moment – one to hold and provide easy access to the roll currently in use, and one to store all the extra rolls ready for use at any time. Of course, both want to be kept as clean and hygienically as possible, away from gathering dust or splashed water from the shower or bath, and as such the market is packed full of different options for all styles of bathroom; from the classic stacked rolls in a regular bathroom, to covered storage in a wet room.

The best designs for toilet rolls in use

When it comes to storing the roll currently in use, the most popular and standard design is the wall mounted holder which moves in line with the size of the roll. For those who are worried about splashing water from children’s bath time or for those with a wet room style shower, these can often come equipped with a cover which sits over the roll and protects it from getting wet. These items are typically made from metal for a durable finish that is easy to clean and can withstand getting wet, though some retailers are branching into holders which are made from plastic and more natural materials.

Storing my extra toilet rolls

When it comes to storing extra toilet rolls, the choices available cover a much wider design; with some of our favourites includes the standard tower holder, small basket with lids which can sit on shelving units or next to the toilet, and even wall mounted holders which are attached to the current roll holder. TOP TIP: Combining the two types of toilet roll holder is a novel way to keep all your necessities together, though this does typically mean that less rolls can be stored and that they are being kept in a more prominent position which is essentially on display. If you want to hide your extra rolls, consider a more conspicuous solution such as a lidded basket or box, or a tower which can sit behind a door or in a corner. Of course, as the market and retail offerings develop in line with differing tastes and styles, so to have the design features of many of these accessories – even if they do seem super basic. The most traditional upright stacking stands for extra toilet roll holders now come in a variety of styles, with some retailers offering covered stacks to disguise the real use of the holder, and others celebrating the presence by focussing on a standout design – for example a large ceramic elephant holding the toilet rolls up on his trunk.

Products that combine the two different styles of holder

Many homeware retailers are always keen to offer buyers innovative and practical solutions, for example stand up toilet rolls holders which don’t require wall fixings and can so be moved from home to home – particularly useful for those members who rent their home or are looking to redecorate. One solution for these buyers is to invest in a standing toilet roll holder which stores multiple extra rolls, with a holder for the roll currently in use at the very top and a built-in cabinet. This is particularly useful in workplaces as well as the home, as it provides users with a place to store any bathroom products they need in an accessible and well covered place.

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