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Divan Beds

In a move away from the basic structural frame of a standard bed, divan beds provide a covering which reaches the floor – concealing built in drawers which turn your bed into a storage solution all of its own.

Why choose a Divan Bed instead of storage boxes?

Many of our members ask what the difference is between a divan bed and a structural frame with their own storage boxes stacked beneath it. Our answer? It’s all in the aesthetics. Stacking boxes beneath your bed frame may be a beneficial use of space, but the design finish will never be quite as clean as an empty space is. The problem is, leaving that space empty means losing the valuable storage that it could provide. Divan beds plug that gap by creating a sleek finish where the bed reaches all the way to the floor, optimising the tranquillity and sleek design of the room by concealing your possessions in drawers which are not easily visible.

Other benefits of Divan Beds

There are a number of other benefits besides the concealed storage space offered by divan beds, including:

  • Saving valuable bedroom space. Finding the perfect bed for a small bedroom can be difficult, and in these instances, we know that making use of every inch of available space is crucial. The beauty of a divan bed is that the bed frame is only as big as the mattress itself, cutting off those extra inches taken up by standard bed frames which are typically made larger than the size of the mattress.

  • The padded edging which extends all the way to the floor is a safety feature when it comes to young children crawling around. Not only does the divan bed design mean that small children and pets cannot crawl under your bed, but it also offers a slightly padded edging which can protect them from bumped heads – an additional benefit which is particularly useful for young families.

  • They don’t come with headboards, meaning you can choose the perfect headboard for your room and design style, and attach it yourself. Though they don’t come complete with headboards, divan beds are compatible with external boards, and so can be dressed up with the style of your choosing – whether it’s simplistic and modern, or traditional and grand.

  • They often come with wheels. Due to the structural design of divan beds, they are obviously not as easy to pick up and move as a standard bed frame. The addition of wheels on most divan designs however alleviates this problem; giving users a way of moving their bed around easily and safely.

  • There are a variety of different options available – from platform top base support to an open coil topping which softens the feel of the mattress and provides the user with extra support. To select the best divan bed topper for you, head to a specialist bed retailer who can guide you through the options.

Purchasing your divan bed

Once you’ve decided you want a divan bed, the hard part is over. Choosing the perfect style for you is a case of shopping around our top bed specialists and furniture retailers, comparing plain white styles with regal velvet frame finishes and more natural designs – deciding which is best for you. For the widest selection, head to specialise bed retailers who will be able to help you with your purchase – and be sure to visit a showroom before buying, to make sure that the size and overall finish of the bed is what you are looking for.

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