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Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor Lighting

Many of us think of our gardens as somewhere to go in the daytime and only enjoy full natural light. Consider how much you could enjoy your garden if you viewed it as the outdoor living space it is. You could start to use your garden for parties or as a venue for a private al fresco dinner. Even as a space for solitary contemplation. For all these choices, you will want a suitable choice of lighting, to light your way, and create an ambience for your guests to chat or glow quietly in the background. Outdoor lighting can come in many guises. You might need a solar spoke light to show you where the edge of your lawn is or a porch light to guide you home. It could be a security light or an accent light to make your garden into a chic little haven of design. Whatever outdoor lighting ideas you have, you will be able to use them to improve the appearance and use-value of your outdoor space. Think about where you want to install your lights first. If you want to be able to walk up your path without the risk of tripping into one of your flower beds then lighting that marks the boundary of the path and casts enough light to see on an uneven surface will be the best choice. Spoke lights or solar lights that can be sunk into the grass at the edge of your path with a minimum of cables might be the best choice here if your garden path leads away from your house into a further corner of the garden. If your path runs around the walls of your house you could consider mounted electric outdoor wall lighting as it could either be wired into the wall or cables can be tucked neatly into the side of your house. It also helps to consider whether you want your lights to be portable. Spoke lights are a popular choice because they can act as task lighting to help you find your way or an accent to make your most appealing flower displays visible even at night. You can place a few solar spoke lights behind your flowers to charge during the day and then backlight your floral display at night. Electric wall lights are a way to add character to your home as well as add functionality. A lantern-style outdoor wall light adds a period touch to a home that needs character or for modern outdoor wall lighting, a globe light on your porch can give the welcoming golden glow that you’ll sigh with relief when you see. Post lights are very helpful for lighting your way home if you have a long driveway and you need to keep on the straight and narrow lights to show where the edges of a low garden wall sit. Post lights are often powered by a wired connection but it may also be possible to find a solar-powered option. Outdoor lighting with a motion sensor is a major leap forward. You can either have wall lights that sense you coming and light up as you walk along or go for strategically placed security lights on your garage, front door or the back of your home. They are extremely helpful if you need to pop outside in the dark to grab something from the car or the garage. They are also a huge security benefit by making the target area immediately brightly lit. There are also accent lights set into decking, table lights and battery-powered novelty lights in the shape of garden animals. Whatever your lighting needs, switch on to a new space that you might be under-using.

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