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Coat Hooks

The ability to step through the door and hang up your coat is a luxury that not many of us really consider, until we reach a home with no coat hooks. The very best coat hook placement includes a hook or two near the door, to hang a wet coat up and allow it to dry – alongside a series of hooks further into the house on which you can hang and store coats which are dry – but may be required at any moment for an impromptu trip outside. So, when you buy a new home or choose to renovate, how much thought should you really put into the coat hooks you select and install? Let’s take a closer look at how coat hooks can affect the user experience, design, and overall finish of your home.

Where to put your coat hooks

What you have to remember here is that you aren’t just placing a hook on the wall, you are also selecting somewhere where it is likely a coat will be hung for much of the time. So, while a small strip of space may be perfect for the hook, is that also going to be the best location for an entire coat? Before committing to any specific space, we recommend taking some time to pick up your biggest coat and walk around the potential locations, holding it up against the wall and deciding if it sits well – whether or not it covers up any other decorative accessories, whether it creates an overwhelming feeling of clutter, or whether it blends in seamlessly. With coat hooks further into the home, for those you are storing or those which are simply dry and do not need to be hung out, the best option is a coat closet or cupboard – with a back-up option being behind a door if you don’t have the space for an entire closet. Most homeowners tend to leave their living room doors open all the time, so stashing a few coats behind that door will keep them concealed but handy should you need them.

Defining the user experience

It’s not just about how it looks, it’s also about how easy your coat hooks are to use, and how far you are prepared to carry your coat once you walk in the door. Are your hooks going to be close enough to the door that you don’t simply end up dumping your coat on a chair every time you get home, because you can’t be bothered to move to the hook? Consider the experience of both you and your guests and define how easy you want it to be to hang your coat up.

The design and finding your perfect coat hooks

From large ornate brass hooks, to driftwood strips of rustic wooden hooks, floral and whimsical hooks and even entertaining hooks which resemble iconic pieces of art, the design you choose for your coat hooks can make or break a blank piece of wall space. While many of our members like to keep their coat hooks simple so as to blend in with their surroundings, others tend to use their hooks as an excuse to inject a little personality – without outdoor and homeware retailers offering vast selections of both standard hooks and those with a little more flair – for example hooks created from metal dog tails, climbing people, and fairy tale characters. All of these choices and more can be found across home stores, with more simple designs often available for affordable prices – and in multipacks – at DIY and home repair stores.

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