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LED Wall Lights

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LED Wall Lights

The best thing about wall lighting is the variety of styles you can find in modern retailers, and the way that different styles can be used for different purposes – whether to stand out as a decorative feature, or blend in as part of the wall.

The power of LED lights in particular is such that any room can harness its own unique ambience and environment, using a variety of different colour temperatures, brightness settings and intensities according to your preferences. LED lights create a consistent and reliable beam of light which can shine in any given direction depending on the structure and design of your wall light – directing light outwards into the room, upwards to create some form of up lighting finish, or downwards to create a really atmospheric pool of light lower down in the room which gently eases and becomes darker as you reach eye level.

LED Wall Lights in a modern home

Dressing a modern home requires a finetuned balance between decorative accessories and furnishings which ooze comfort and welcome, but still retain the very neutral colours and angular straight lines that define modern décor and set it apar from contemporary and rustic finishes. The fact is, LED lights allow the user to adjust the colour temperature, lending themselves really well to wall lights in modern homes where the slight increase in warmth of light can really transform the overall aesthetic of a room and make it appear much more homely.

LED wall lights are also the perfect way of creating a spotlight on a focal feature on the wall, for example a piece of art or a framed photo. We often find that galleries and art shops use LED lights to direct light onto a piece of work, primarily because LED lights are reliable and provide a consistent level of light, and do not become hot to the touch – meaning there is no risk of them causing any heat damage to the piece of work. Lastly, the adjustable nature of LED lights and intensities means that any piece of art can be complimented with the exact right level of light easily and all using the same kind of light fixture and bulb.

LED wall light designs

While the light bulb itself is no doubt important in finetuning the perfect atmosphere for your room and creating the right level of ambience, we often find that it is in fact the design of the lights mount and its structure which is at the forefront of most buyers priorities – mainly because this is the bit that they will see, and which stands out day and night whether the light is on or off.

A modern home will largely benefit from a fairly neutral and basic structure, taking the concept of functional materials and simple angular shapes, and placing that on the wall to sit around the boxed LED light. A rustic home meanwhile might lean more towards wooden pieces and metal structuring, while a traditional home is much more likely to be complimented by intricate and ornate detailing and extravagant fittings.

Ultimately, it all comes down to the space you are looking to light up and the way in which you want the light to shine – whether it’s directly out into your room, up towards the ceiling or down towards the floor. This is the first thing you should consider, followed by the temperature and intensity of bulb which will best suit your decorative styling, and the size and/or quantity of your chosen light to suit your home.

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