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Children's Wardrobes

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Children's Wardrobes

Despite the title being children’s wardrobes, the fact is that almost all the wardrobes on the market are made at a standard size – utilising adjustable features added in for children, while still retaining the same amount of space to be useful to you. That’s not to say that wardrobes don’t come in a variety of widths and depths, but on the whole in terms of height, wardrobes are rarely made at a height which is useless for adults’ clothes as well as children’s garments. What makes a wardrobe perfect for a child is its style, appearance, and how user friendly it is on the inside – with children really benefitting from clear and distinct areas for clothes, such as block shelving units for different items, and very clear hanger sections to put dresses and other bigger items on.

The appearance and aesthetics

But if you want your child to go near the wardrobe at all, first you have to make sure that its appearance is something that they want to engage with and use – whether that means choosing one in a vibrant and playful colour, giving it a thematic makeover to help it blend and fit in with the rest of the room, or even adding different characters to different sections and doors. The latter idea is one we are increasingly seeing on the market as parents and retailers alike choose to use visual prompts to give their child more independence and help them learn through everything they do. Telling your child to put a t-shirt into the second drawer down may be lost on them, but if that specific drawer is decorated with its own unique character, for example a tiger, then you can easily tell your child to put the item in the tiger drawer – and they are far more likely to succeed. TOP TIP: If you can’t find a retailer selling this kind of characterised idea in the theme your child wants, invest in a plain wardrobe and personalise it yourself with stencils and stickers.

The interior of the wardrobe

Once your child has opened the doors and found themselves faced with the inside of the wardrobe, again you need to make it as easy as possible for them to learn and start to distinguish between different areas and different garments. First things first, you need to select a wardrobe which they are able to operate themselves – that means no stiff drawers, no super heavy drawers, and no complex handles which could lead to trapped fingers. Keep the opening mechanisms simple and ensure the wardrobe is as light as possible to make it easy for your child to use. Inside, consider again using colour and patterning to distinguish between the different compartments and areas, and where necessary use additional compartment separators to keep different items apart – for example if you have two children and you want to keep their clothing apart. One of the easiest ways to distinguish between compartments is using contact paper or even old wallpaper in different colours and patterns, using the paper to line the shelves and drawers and help your child learn what items go with which colour or pattern. Regarding the hanging items, use different coloured hangers or different height rails to distinguish. For the best in children’s wardrobes head to furniture retailers – before heading off to DIY and craft stores to give your wardrobe the interior makeover it needs to really help your child learn to use the full wardrobe effectively.

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