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Lamp Shades

From ceiling lights to table lights and even larger floor lamps, the lamp shades you choose for your home can determine both the style and the mood of the room; both with regards to the shape and size of the lampshade, and its colouring and detailing. When it comes to selecting and purchasing your lamp shades, safety should always come first and buyers should be aware that lamp bulbs give off heat – meaning that an ill-fitting lampshade could be at risk of overheating or causing damage if you are not mindful when installing the lampshade. Most shades come with an adjustable size ring, and we also recommend using the lampshade only as directed – for example making sure that you only use ceiling lampshades on ceiling lights, etc.

Choosing the right size and shape of lampshade

If you are dressing a large room or one which is minimally furnished, a larger lampshade can instantly create more of a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. A larger room also allows you the opportunity to think outside the box a little and select more of a standout design – whether that be with regards to the shape or the patterning of the lamp shade. Smaller rooms or ones which are packed full and feel quite busy, are often left unattended with no real focus on the lamp – with buyers preferring instead to focus on furniture rather than using their lighting as part of their design. However, instead of leaving the bulb bare we suggest looking at lampshades with a much thinner profile – perhaps ones which extend further in terms of their height while covering less of a surface area diameter. Just like the illusion created by vertical stripes in clothing, a lampshade with a long line can make the room feel a little larger.

Choosing the right design and colour of lampshade

Not only does the exterior design of the lampshade alter the feel of the room, but it can also affect the overall ambience once the light is switched on – with different colours creating different moods. For example a very pale or neutral lampshade will give off a brighter light, while a much darker lampshade will provide more of a dim mood light, and a lampshade with a pattern or cut out design may well leave your walls covered with a charming design made from light. One rule of thumb we recommend to all our members is to step back and look at your room as a whole, then decide how you want your light to fit in. Should it stand out against the backdrop of a neutral and minimalist room, or do you want to use colours which blend in against the existing furniture and décor and compliment it rather than stand out?

How can a lampshade change the feel of a room?

The market is full of innovative and eye-catching shapes and designs, with many interior designers capturing a whole different feel just through the clever use of an oversized ceiling lampshade, or a well placed floor lamp. Your lampshade should either make a statement or it shouldn’t be noticeable at all. For the best selection, think about what it is you are looking for and then spend some time in various homeware and department store showrooms looking at how the various designs and styles look in amongst a room set up – taking into account the amount of light they give off, the mood created and the amount of space taken up by the lampshade. Lighting specialists are likely to be able to provide a good range as well as homeware specialists, or else head to interior design retailers who focus on the look you are trying to achieve.

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