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Tall Bathroom Cabinets

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Tall Bathroom Cabinets

Tall bathroom cabinets have a number of benefits and uses, and as such are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners and buyers look to renovate old bathrooms and repurpose small rooms and spaces into practical and useful bathroom spaces. Aside from providing handy storage solutions, one of the key benefits of investing in tall bathroom cabinets rather than regular sized ones, is the optimised use of space – choosing to build shelves upwards and make use of the height of the room, rather than keeping everything at one level and taking up more valuable floor space – particularly in a smaller room where floor space be more valuable. As well as being practical, this also highlights a safety feature of tall cabinets, which means hazardous cleaning materials and medications can be kept at a higher level, away from prying eyes of children who may pick things up thinking they are playthings.

How to use a tall bathroom cabinet in your home

When it comes to bathroom cabinets, most of us look for units which have doors built in – concealing the contents and providing us with a safe place where we know our possessions are kept hidden and safe. Not only do doors keep things safe but they also keep the bathroom space looking cleaning and tidy, free from clutter and additional items such as spare toilet rolls and extra shower gels. Another added benefit of tall bathroom cabinets is that the door can be transformed into a full length mirror – providing you with a handy mirror in which to check your entire appearance, whether you choose to store the mirror inside of the cabinet door or on the outside. TOP TIP: In a smaller bathroom with not as much light, a tall bathroom cabinet has the power to maximise your storage space and also create additional light flow – with the clever use of a few mirrors to reflect the light coming in. If you benefit from a larger bathroom and have plenty of space to play around with, combine your tall bathroom cabinet with a lower level sink unit and perhaps some complimentary shelving, to create different levels and make your bathroom as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Remember that in a bathroom space, white and neutral surfaces and cabinets create a clean finish and go well with sporadic pops of colour achieved through décor and soft furnishings such as your towels.

Selecting the right bathroom cabinet

Though in this case height is what you are looking for, it is important that you measure and understand the space you have available, including any sloped ceilings and uneven floors which may impact the placement of your tall bathroom cabinet. Once you have determined the ideal height, make sure that your measurement of the desired cabinet includes its feet or legs, as often the main body is measured without thought for the actual base level it stands upon. When you are confident you have a cabinet that will fit, you can turn your hand to the desired design and finish. For the best selection of tall bathroom cabinets, particularly those which compliment your existing furniture and bathroom design, bathroom fitters and homeware interior designers are often able to take specific requirements and turn them into the perfect unit for you. Remember you want to make sure your cabinet compliments the rest of your room, so put focus onto the handles as much as the surface of the cabinet, and ideally match the handle with the material of your taps and other appliances. It is this attention to detail which can really bring the room together.

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