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When it comes to selecting the best towels for your home, the criteria typically fall under two key categories – style, and comfort. After all, while towels have a primarily practical use, the comfort factor is important to indulging in a relaxing and enjoyable bath experience. The aesthetic finish of any bathroom can be heavily influenced by the towels you choose, with decadent whites juxtaposing the gaudy vibrancy of a beach towel just through the colours and patterns included in the design.

For a light and airy bathroom

While neutral whites and greys will always be stylish in a light and modern bathroom, they are not the only popular choice on the market. Many of our homeware and furnishings retailers are now offering patterns which embody the trendy geometric shapes and block colours associated with contemporary styling, adding a layer of texture and design flair to an otherwise light and quite minimalist bathroom. For those members who like to add a pop of colour where possible in their home, one great way of doing so in the bathroom is to select two different styles of towel design which juxtapose but still compliment each other – for example a very plain and basic thick white towel, with a bright palm tree print towel. Whether they hang next to each other or sit at either end of the room, these kinds of opposing styles can work really well together in a modern or contemporary bathroom space.

For a smaller bathroom

One design rule we always try and communicate to our members is that a smaller or confined space can be quickly opened up with the addition of natural light, mirrors and plain and light coloured furnishings. If you bathroom is particularly small, make sure that your towels are light and bright, ideally hung on the wall to ensure the optimum use of the space available. While hanging bath towels on the back of the door may be convenient for use, they can very quickly impose on the space available in the room and make it seem even smaller.

Comfort vs. Style

Luckily, with so many homeware and high street retailers now offering towels at a range of price points – from affordable basic towelling material through to premium fluffy towels in a range of colours and designs, the choice between comfort and style is no longer such a challenge. Of course the higher the price you pay the more quality the feel of your towel will be, but it is worth noting that any standard of towel can be kept effective and looking good if it is regularly washed and dried in a tumble drier – retaining the softness of the towel. If you are limited to a choice between comfort and style, consider the effect that a particular pattern or colour might have on your space – and never skimp on the softness of your towel. After all, this is something you will use every day and you want it to be an enjoyable experience!

Buying individually vs. towelling sets

When it comes to buying towels, one of the most cost effective ways to do so is to invest in a towelling set – typically containing a number of different sizes, from smaller hand towels right up to large bath sheets, all in complimentary colours and designs. However if all you need is one or two large towels – or a couple of single small towels – buying them separately is likely to provide the widest possible selection of design choices.

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