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Mattress Toppers

One of the most common questions we get asked by homeowners is how to elevate the feel and support of their mattress without having to buy a completely new mattress product. While many bed retailers urge buyers to replace their mattress every few years in order to get the most from their bed and to ensure adequate support for a good night’s sleep, we tend to find that a mattress topper can not only elevate the user experience of a mattress but can also extend the lifespan of any given mattress – particularly if the mattress is a cheaper one-sided model which cannot be regularly flipped.

The advantages to investing in a mattress topper

As an extra layer that you add to the top of your mattress between its upper surface and the sheet, the mattress topper is something that allows you to extend the lifespan of even the cheapest mattresses through regular turning and rotation. Not only for the extra layer protect your mattress but it also introduces a further two sides or sleeping surfaces to the bed, helping to reduce those sags and dips which inevitably appear over time when you always sleep on one side. Replacing and changing your mattress topper is also a much easier fix than replacing the mattress itself, as toppers tend to be crafted from material which allows them to be rolled up for ease of delivery and purchase – making them more cost effective. The topper reduces the compression / pressure being placed on the mattress itself as you sleep and can also be adjusted or replaced as your body weight changes over time. Not only that, but it also softens the feel of a firm mattress and ensures that your body benefits from the support of the firm mattress base but can also enjoy the soft finish of a soft topper – promoting the most comfortable night’s sleep.

Things to consider when you buy a mattress topper

One thing often overlooked by buyer is the material that their mattress topper is made from, with many simply giving the topper a quick feel to ascertain how thick it is and how comfortable it will be to sleep on. When it comes to finding the right topper for the best quality finish however, there is a rule to follow – and that is to always pair your topper filling with the filling used in the mattress itself. This is because the fibres in the mattress topper work best when paired with the upholstery layers o the original mattress, allowing you to really feel the benefits of your chosen mattress and ensuring that extra features such as heat retention and breathability do not become lost under a topper. To help you ensure you get this right, consider the following guide:

  • If you have a memory foam mattress then pair this with a foam mattress topper

  • If your mattress is made with synthetic fibre, then choose a polycotton or polyester mattress topper

  • For a natural fibre mattress, consider a wool or feather mattress topper

And finally, when it comes to the purchase of your mattress topper, take care to note the thickness of the topper and work out how and if it will affect the thickness of your mattress – particularly with regards to finding and buying the right of fitted sheet to sit atop the mattress as a whole. The best mattress toppers tend to be found across bed specialist stores and department store retailers, as well as homeware and furnishing stores.

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