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Children's Seating

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Children's Seating

From highchairs to reading chairs, dining chairs and even car seats, making sure your children have adequate seating which is comfortable and supportive is key to keeping them engaged in an activity and supporting their bodies. We often find members asking us what they can do to keep their children sitting at the table without so much fidgeting, particularly as they transition from being strapped into a high chair to being allowed the free run of a seat that they can leave whenever they want. To them, we say that making sure the seat is comfortable for the child is what it important, whether that means investing in a seat which is designed for their size, or adding a booster seat to an average chair in order to give them the height they need to reach the table.

Different kinds of seating you should consider for a child

There are a number of areas in the home which could benefit from child-friendly seating, not least the dining table where you choose to eat all your meals. We have found through research that it is really important for children to have a place where they feel safe and comforted; somewhere they can go if they are upset, and which encourages them to open up and engage. Our recommendation is to select a comfortable chair for your children both inside and outside, allowing them a special area in their own private space such as an indoor den or a treehouse, where they can sit and contemplate, draw or colour in. These chairs need to be supportive and well cushioned; ideally with arm rests for optimum support and with padded seats for longevity. The fact is, if your child isn’t comfortable then they will do all they can to get out of the chair and move, so you need to make sure that the seat you put them in is comfortable. But what happens if you buy a child friendly seat and then find it doesn’t fit the dining table? This is where parents need to be a little innovative and utilise the tools that retailers give them, for example looking at children’s chairs which have extendable legs and adjustable features.

The aesthetics of a children’s seat

While many members only think about the practicality of children’s seating and where their child really needs a boost or extra support, we think it’s just as important to invest in that special seating area for your children that we discussed above – and that means thinking beyond just the chair. As with an adult reading or quiet area, you want the chair to match the surroundings and compliment the room it’s in – and it should be no different for your child’s area. Consider looking into small armchairs and child-specific beanbags which are designed to give them that special area of comfort. Buyers tend to find that children’s seating comes in a much wider array of colours than standard adult seating, moving away from natural materials and neutral colours, towards vibrant and playful prints, bright colours and extra features to add a little visual interest – for example tassels and varying textures. Remember that if your child has very specific tastes that you worry will change, one of the best things you can do is invest in a plain chair and then dress it up with themed cushions and character throws. For the best selection of children’s chairs, from the practical dining chairs through to the more exciting reading chairs and armchairs, head to high street furniture stores and children’s retailers.

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