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PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights

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PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights

The first question we get asked about the modern market of security and motion sensor lights is how they work – and what’s where the definition of ‘PIR’ comes in. PIR stands for Passive Infrared Sensor, referring to an electronic sensor located inside the lights, which measure the infrared lights radiating from objects in its view. When something or someone walks in front of the lights, the movement triggers the light to come on.

Of course, as well as their security function, security and motion sensor lights are practical for everyday use – providing the homeowner with an automatic light which comes on when they arrive home, as well deterring criminals and helping to scare animals away from your home (or your vegetable patch!)

The benefits of security lights

Due to their automatic lighting whenever motion is detected, PIR lights are not just practical but can also save you money over time – only engaging the electricity when required, as opposed to you simply having to leave your lights on all the time.

Similarly, motion sensor lights also ensure a much longer lifespan for your bulbs – as instead of them being on all the time, they are only activated when they are needed.

Other benefits include:

  • Deterring criminals and putting them off potentially burgling your house – after all, burglars tend to look for dark houses to break into, and will be put off by sudden lights.

  • They help you when arriving home in the dark, providing you with enough light to unlock your front door and also feel safe.

  • They can look aesthetically pleasing outside your home and create more of a welcoming feel.

  • Many of the modern designs blend in well to your home exterior and create a sleek finish which isn’t too boxy or clunky.

Where to locate your PIR security lights and motion sensor lights

Finding the perfect location for your security lights is about understanding the layout of your home and what surrounds it. As a starting point, placing lights around your front and back door are useful for your own practicality and to put off burglars, though you may also find it is worth putting motion sensor lights further down your driveway or at your front gate as well.

It is important to remember, when installing your security lights, that burglars can often work their way around lights if they spend time understanding which ones you have in place; identifying blind spots and sometimes even being able to work their way past the lights by understanding the height at which the object needs to be before it is detected. To combat this, consider placing lights at differing heights in key spots, and avoid creating spots which are completely dark. Remember the darkened sides of your home and any spots which are shielded by tall hedges or trees.

Purchasing and installing your lights

The best way to ensure you are picking up lights which will be effective for your requirements is to head to a specialist company who supply and install the lights for you. Professionals will be able to identify weak spots and potential obstacles that you may have missed, and will be able to install the lights at the correct height and location to optimise usage and effectiveness.

Remember, when you purchase motion sensor and PIR security lights, you are not just supporting your own safety and wellbeing, but also doing a little bit to help the environment by reducing your electricity consumption (something which also helps your own finances – a win-win!)

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